Cirrus delivers first Vision

Of probable interest to X-Plane 11 pilots since the aircraft is featured in the beta. The V-tail lives!


For those wondering about last minute Mudspike Christmas gifts, hit the ‘buy’ button here:

Comes in at just under $2 million, not including plates and a tank of fuel. I’ll take a red one.


sold. They had me at 4 powered USB ports.

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I’m already yelling at my kids to get their feet off the leather. Plus asking if anyone has ‘anything sharp in their pockets’ every single time anyone gets within 150 feet of the aircraft.

Just saying.


Did this one actually pass spin recovery? :wink:

No Cirrus needs to be able to recover from a spin. Or even be airworthy. It’s got a big red button on the panel and that covers for all its flaws. Having said that, if I ever achieve plutocracy I will be happy to upgrade my hangar to accommodate one.


I think that isn’t a button but some sort of handle on the ceiling, but yeah, pretty cool. :smiley:

Too bad that Cessna couldn’t sort it out as well with the now defunct C162 Skycatcher. That was a sorry mess.

Edit: Stating the obvious, but lawyers are killing the industry.

Nice Flying the Vision Jet piece on this week’s AOPA Live. Jump to around 5:07 if you want to skip the rest.