City Car Driving Sim

Not the worst idea in the world for new drivers. I wouldn’t mind a go.

The ‘lets play’ video is a long one, so this starts at the meat of it here:

Man, the driver in the video is probably real-life dangerous…

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Is there a Red Light Camera DLC?

It would be cool if they used the webcam on people’s PC’s to do a speed camera citation. :smile:

Cool :slight_smile: who are the devs? I didnt find the name on the web.

btw anyone knows about car driving/racing game which has easy to use ‘track builder’ using which I can create easily my own road/track (not a circuit)?

It ends up creating a circuit, but I was always a fan of this game’s gameplay and track builder.

Hmm, I’m not sure about realistic roads, but the best circuit designer has always been Trackmania. It’s not quite what I think you are looking for, but it is free: TrackMania Nations Forever on Steam

oh @EinsteinEP what a game! …sweet memories :slight_smile:

@fearlessfrog thx but maybe later., Falcon Gold is almost downloaded from GOG, I have to fly :smiley: