CIVA INS Navigation Tutorial


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Mudspike Contributor Casper ‘TheAlmightySnark’ de Wit first added this excellent CIVA INS Navigation Guide for X-Plane in our forums. It was so good as reference material for civil aviation navigation so we’ve added it as an article. Thanks TheAlmightySnark! Welcome to the CIVA INS navigation tutorial! Today we shall explore the joys of using a INS…


Thanks again for this @TheAlmightySnark. It was such a great forum post that it deserved its own article.

The Tutorial section of the main site gets a lot of people who find it searching for things exactly like this. If anyone wants to add to the Mudspike Tutorials & Reference section

…with something specific/detailed on a topic they know a lot about, and think would be useful for others, then please PM @staff and we can get that started.


Awesome stuff! I’ll use that for sure when I start flying my 727 in X-Plane.


Great stuff Casper :slight_smile:


That was a very well done article. Good call MudSpike in putting it out there on the cover page.


Thanks everyone for the positive response! In all honesty, I wanted to write about my love for the CIVA almost as soon as I did my first proper flight with it a year or so ago, but not being a natural writer kinda had me start over about 5 times in the past year. When @Chuck_Owl had some questions about how it worked, well that kinda pushed me a bit! :smiley: Glad to finally have it done!


I was wondering something @TheAlmightySnark

When using modern-day charts for approaches using STARs… do you typically use the VOR NAV radios or do you still use the CIVA by entering the coordinates of these waypoints directly?

I’m having trouble finding charts that give me STARs with VORs that are in the default X-Plane NAVAIDS database… and I really don’t want to pay for a Navigraph update.


I don’t claim to speak for @TheAlmightySnark but I used Carousels in the DC-10 and can say they are nowhere near accurate enough for terminal navigation, even if you were enough of a masochist to program them. Heck, I was pretty thrilled to pick up Shannon and find us within 6 miles of my plot. Modern SIDs and STARs are either RNAV or radio based with the later quickly going away. Use the Carousel to get you over the correct state and consider yourself quite skilled if you do.


@smokinhole is pretty much correct, at the end of a flight you loose a lot of accuracy unless you would do an update shortly before landing. I am not sure how widespread SID’s and STARS were back in those days though, I don’t often use them with the CIVA. I pretend that I am vectored around to an ILS approach.