Civilian oriented gameplay in DCS World



I hope you wont mind if I create a topic about anything related to civilian gameplay in DCS World.
Feel free to share your or other people content! There aren’t that many.

Civilian operation template for the NTTR

7 unique FARPs, 4 Hospitals (3 in Vegas, 1 in Pahrump) and 5 landing pads on top of the casinos
(link for the required mods on the download page)

French Touch

A fairly simple mission.
As a new pilot for Sawtops Mountain Helicopter Services, your first job will be to pick up the famous DJ Dave Baguetta and drop him at his villa in the mountains.
(link for the required mods on the download page)

I’ll post a link to my Forestry operation mission as soon as I’ve updated it to remove the mod dependencies
EDIT: that will have to wait, the area has been decimated by the 2.0.5 update.
2.0.6 can’t come soon enough!

Coming not so soon…:


WOW, Kudos, man! Now, if I just eventually downloaded NTTR…


That is very cool!


With a heliport on top of a casino I can see dropping of a special international anti-terrorist team.


You’ll not hear me complain - I love that kind of stuff. I’m still one of the original fans of Take On Helicopters that thought the campaign was quite fun…


There are literally dozens of us! Dozens!


WW3 rages on, but everyman, Average Joe pilots still need to pay the bills.

As such, the flights continue…


Loved Take On. Landing at your company pad, taking helicopter jobs around the city.

Walking around your company, and your helicopter, with your dog, is some of the best things BI does.


I feel almost like a beta tester for ARMA3 through my purchase of TakeOn and the Hind. And I truly did enjoy it. It is far more satisfying to fly something after you’ve had the opportunity to walk around it. Nice mod for the NTTR!


Awesome! I am totally addicted to DCS helo’s again,perfect time to post this! I’ll do Le French Tour tomorrow!


Glad to see the interest, wasn’t used to that :slight_smile:


And this ?



The venerable bell 47! The SIM helo I learned to fly in in FS2000!!!


are there any civ ops for Caucasus map pls? I dont have NTTR yet


When do I know if Mr Baquette is in? I waited for about 5 minutes trying to get the music working(didn’t get it running, alas!). Never heard anything about him entering, only about waiting and giving the copilot his music.


And the other fans of TKOH appreciate your taste for the game. All 4 of us!


For the VHF FM radio:

For Mr. Baguetta, you’ve probably missed the info text while you had your head in the radio. The message pops up when his limousine arrives near the helo. You just have to press the spacebar to get him on board (same for disembarking)


There are a couple of missions I think.
Here’s one I made a while back, I haven’t tested it with the current version.
Like it says in the link, this was a quick and dirty one.

And I know someone else made a much better one but I can’t find the post about it on ED forums.


Ah I must have missed that, although I could just take-off and cruise around without pressing spacebar! The mission continued happily. I did notice I was a version behind on 2.0 though.

I did that with the radio’s but it didn’t play. Perhaps that too is related.


How right you are. One of my favorite missions in that campaign was the flashback to (Afghanistan?) where you get shot down and then have to evade until you can get to the rescue helo. That kind of dual gameplay (helo pilot and first-person shooter) is what makes Arma (and Take On Helos) so unique.