Civilization VI Announced


I loved Civ IV and spent a lot of time in it, but V sort of fell off the radar for me. Apparently not only did I buy it, but I also then went and bought all the expansions on sale too, despite not playing it. :frowning:

Here’s the rather sad evidence, but it’s not like I have a problem…

Unless this one rocks my socks off, I think I better wait before it joins my Steam Emelda Marcos Shoe Shopping Graveyard.


That is a perfect description of my Steam library too…lol…

I’ve put in 410 hours into that game. It certainly is an oversimplification of the civ franchise and not as good as IV. But I just couldn’t get back into Civ IV after they switched to hexagon tiles in V.

So far I’m going to hold off on Civ VI just because of the price point. They want $74 bucks for the base game here. That just an insane price point. I’d do $60 bucks for the deluxe edition, but the base game itself I won’t do for more than $45.

I used to be different. Only buying games I really wanted to play, and then playing them through.

But recently (last year or so) Steam sales killed that. I bought a ton of games because “interested, and they are cheap now!” and haven’t played some of them at all, others just a few hours.

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A great preview here:


@Fridge wow, nicely written! I just wish I had played Civ IV more than a few hours…
Or finished my Hearts of Iron Italian campaign…

Or… well, you got it.

If anything games are too cheap nowadays! :smile:

Also this: Civilization 6 Developer Rewind Theater - IGN First - IGN

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I have carpal-tunnel mouse finger from Civ III!

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The last Civilization game I played was part… One.
And my problem was that I didn’t have the manual, so the copy protection most often got me. It asked questions about the tech tree in random intervals, the answers were printed in the manual, and if you answered wrongly you could continue playing, but all your military units were gone, which often led to you losing the game.

That didn’t stop me from trying, I even reached nuclear tech level once.
But one thing about the combat really bothered me: I once lost a WW2-level-plane because I attacked… a phalanx. No, really. My enemy had the greek phalanx defense unit. It has such a great defense value that I lost the plane. That kinda broke immersion.

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@Aginor: Still better than losing a Battleship (one of the mightiest units) against an enemy settler (the absolute weakest) for no reason whatsoever other than “Highest difficulty setting”…

Still, one of the best game ever.

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Boy, was I mad when the Babylonians and their annoying King Hammurabi beat me in the space race… :smile:
Good times! :smile:

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Will take advantage of Asynchronous Compute and Resource Heap features from DX12

Asynchronous Compute lets the gpu workload be faster. Latency goes down and FPS goes up. image

Resource Heap transfer data from the CPU to the GPU (upload), and from the GPU to the CPU (read back).

We got our first video on gameplay. It’s not too much, just showing some of the mechanics. And has an annoying “blackouts” that takes us back in time ingame, just be ready for that. It’s a backwards progression

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Video is now private?

Seems it was taken down. added another source. but with someone talking over