Classic games

Hey guys!

Every now and then I enjoy playing old games, mostly for DOS because I started gaming on my own 286 PC in 1989 (I played a bit earlier on my father’s Atari but I don’t count those, except Falcon 1.0 which was… interesting) and I like that nostalgic feeling.

Fun fact: While I am a big fan of flight sims I do not enjoy playing old flight sims, which is weird. I guess I am a sucker for realism and if we are really honest: Those old games like Aces of the Pacific and the Falcon series games earlier than 4.0 were not really good simulations. Back then they were top notch games, just like European Air War, Jane’s USAF, Tornado, TFX, Comanche and so on, and I played and enjoyed many of them, but I always knew we were far far away from realism. Every person who ever sat in a real cockpit knew that. The first sims that changed that were Falcon 4.0 and MS-CFS, which really added some depth even LOMAC and IL-2 (which were MUCH better in many ways) couldn’t compete with (“realistic” cockpits with clickable stuff, procedures, and so on).

So here’s a little list of games I played in the past, mostly pre 2000 because the year 2000 isn’t long ago yet, it was only… wait… 16 years ago? WTF??

Ehhh… so feel free to post whatever game you like that was released before Y2K and is actually fun to play (or shortly thereafter if it is EXTREMELY good). Please include the year and when you last played it.

  • Wing Commander (whole series, 1990-1999). Always been a huge fan, up to the point where I contributed to the modding community, I still have all games installed and play them every once in a while.
  • Dark Forces (1996) (hasn’t aged well, but I played a few levels last month).
  • Commander Keen 4+5 (1991+1992) Played them this year. Still great games.
  • Jedi Knight (1997). Just a great shooter with story, and of course Lightsabers. Two (actually three if you count the Addon for part 1) sequels that were also cool. I wish there was a sequel, but with the death of the Star Wars EU… Farewell, Kyle…
  • Lost Vikings (1996 I think) One of the first games from Blizzard, you can get it for free nowadays! Nice gameplay
  • Ignition (Germans know it as “Bleifuss fun”, 1997), a fun little racing game. Quite hard but great. I lost the disc long ago.
  • Monkey Island 1+2 (1990) Point-and-click was one of my favourite genres, and I have the game on my phone and PC (with ScummVM). I play it every year at least once.
  • Day of the Tentacle (1993) same as above. I know that game by heart, I can almost repeat the dialogues. Played it last year.
  • Indiana Jones 1-3 (1992) not quite as great as the ones above, but I played through them two years ago.
  • Star Trek 25th Anniversary + Judgment rites (1992). Very hard back then, especially the goddamn space battles. Have lost the discs of 25thAnniversary at some point in the 90s, never finished either. I have to get those and play them soon.
  • Star Trek A Final Unity (1995) played it again last year, after having played it only shortly in 1996 or so (game didn’t run on my PC back then). Just Great.
  • Flashback (1992) Holy **** that game is hard. A Platformer with great animations for its time. Played through it last year.
  • Baldur’s Gate (1998) One of the greatest RPG games of all times. Played through it multiple times. Going to get the Steam edition soon and play it again. BG2 is an equally great (if not better) sequel.
  • Planescape Torment (1997). Almost as great as BG1+2. Played it in 2010 or so, but I never finished that one.
  • StarCraft (1998). Great. I am waiting for the complete remake mod in the SC2 engine.
  • The Incredible Machine (1992). A great puzzle game. I can recommend “Contraption Maker” on Steam, it is as good as the original one.
  • Outcast (1999). Yay, Voxel engine! An interesting story and some great gameplay ideas, too! Nowadays you can get an enhanced version on Steam. I last played the game in 2012, but it is pretty hard to get the original version running on current PCs.
  • X-Wing Alliance (1999) The last part of the X-Wing series, and you can play it with a few mods right now, it is still a nice game. Installed it a few days ago, so much fun.
  • Colin McRae Rally (1997) A quite realistic rally simulation. I even dare to call it the first one. Impressive physics and graphics! Last played it in 2009 or so. It was still fun but it didn’t age too well.
  • Need for Speed 2 (1997) I never played earlier and later ones, but I liked that one. Great fun over LAN with a few friends. It has been some years since I played it, probably 2008 or so.

That’s it for today, loads of Nostalgia! I’ll continue this thread with more as I run through my old CDs, rediscovering the games of my wasted youth. :smiley:


I recently went on vacation…and spent a good part of my time on the airplane playing a classic game on my iPad that I’d never played before: Sid Meier’s Pirates… Was kind of cool to sail from the port of Curacao, where we were staying… :smiley:

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I played that game recently (via Steam for PC)!
It is a remake of Pirates! Gold which I played for a very short time when it was released, long long ago. :smiley:
The remake is better in many things. I still think time runs too fast in that game, which I dislike. Still a great game, loads of fun fighting, searching for treasure and so on. :slight_smile:

I am disappointed that this list doesn’t include the worlds best game; Merit’s Galactic Reunion.

I just got Pirates! in the latest Humble Bundle along with some other goodies…

@Sargoth: Actually I don’t even know it. Tell us more! :slight_smile:

But I want to add the following games:

  • Command & Conquer (the very first one, 1993) Very immersive and cool. The first sequel was ok, but then… meh.
  • Master of Orion II (1996), a great turn-based strategy game in space, with great ship customization.

EDIT: Oh no I forgot one that is important!

  • Privateer (1992) and Privateer 2 (1996). IMO better than Elite, which was a bit soulless. Privateer had a proper storyline
  • X: Beyond the Frontier (1999) a game similar to Privateer, but you could build a whole empire. The sequels kept getting better (until X:Rebirth that is…)

Merit’s Galactic Reunion is the predecessor of the Imperium Galactica series. But you can travel around in space and down to planets.

It also boast the best intro of all time

Total Annihilation is a good oldie with 2-4 players. I was a master of the ‘nuke rush’.

I did buy F-19 Stealth Fighter through GOG a couple of years back, but could not get the Warthog recognized so I spent like only 4 minutes flying it from the KB.


Yeah, the original Command & Conquer was lots of fun. Remember Tanya? Tanya, Tanya, bo-banya


Tanya was awesome! And so was… Volkov I think. In the addons.
And the videos were really great, almost as great as in Wing Commander 3

Total Annihilation… Back then it was far too complex for me, I just didn’t get it. I was never too good in RTS games, although I played quite a few (Age of Empires 1+2, Stronghold 1+2, StarCraft1+2, C&C1-3, KKND, TA, Spellforce1+2, SW:EAW and a few others).

As for the RPGs: Anyone played the “Gothic” games? 1+2 were awesome, 3 was great but VERY bugged, and then the series split into Gothic4 which was meh, and Risen 1-3 which were somewhere between ok and great.

Definitely Interstate '76 by Activision. I think from 1997. Great story, nice gameplay, cheesy soundtrack. I love this game. Haven’t played it for ten years now…

Ooohhhh, that was a really funny one!

And I remember another funny game from 1989 or so, it was called “Chicago 90”, and as far as I remember you had to play a gangster driving out of town chased by the police, or as the police trying to catch him.

One of my old favorites (which I would love if they updated and re-released) was SimCopter…