‘Clean’ Nvidia driver…

On the ED forum I found a link to a Nvidia GTX/RTX driver that’s supposedly cleaned of ‘Nvidia bloat’…

Anybody know anything about this driver?

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I did a short check to see if this clean driver has any advantages but I only found a lot of info about bloatware, but not what the bloatware exactly does for your performance.

If a clean driver has a proven better performance I am convinced, but just using it to avoid bloatware does not make sense to me as I do not experience any problems which could be caused by the bloatware…

I rather like the overlay function that saves my final kill or death in some games (something which is called bloatware by others).

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What’s that?

I get bloated if I don’t watch my salt intake …but I don’t think it impacts DCS…:thinking:


But you’re not sure…? :thinking:

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it
DCS Mission developer says that your salt intake may affect DCS performance.


Ah, that! :+1:

My experience: This was on a new box BTW, fresh install of Windows, graphics drivers, etc.

After running it for a few days I did the debloat thing (clean graphic driver, debloat Windows). Saw significant improvement; my 3080Ti wasn’t giving me what I thought it should “out of the box”. Now it does. Of course I always want more :slight_smile:

Just don’t ask me give you a detailed breakdown of what did what. @taubkin commented on an improvement related to this but I’ll let him expand if he wishes.

Windows, et. al. tend to bog down with processes I personally don’t need or want. Too many moving parts in these systems for an easy answer; some people are just used to keeping things streamlined and certain steps may not make any difference.

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What did you do?

‘I have enough FPS’ said no flightsimmer, ever. :wink:



Lemme recall where I posted this…ah, here in another thread. Was the Titus Tech link. It runs a script from PowerShell (I only ran the “essential tweaks”). One immediately noticeable thing: On my spanking new box it reduced the number of process from ~180 to 80. But this box has one sole purpose in life: my flight sim indulgance. :slight_smile:

Also, this is a new Windows 11 box.

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Unrelated (time for a thread un-railing?): my haptic thing seems to be more, uhh, “responsive”? Likely due to the overall improvement in efficiency between the two PC; more cores, running more efficiently; at higher speed. Makes sense I guess.

Watching my lua numbers in DCS (think it’s the last figure, bottom right, when reading the FPS numbers (2nd click): the percentage is 1/2 what it was on the old box, thereby reducing the ‘spank me’ time so I perceive less latency. Or, maybe not. Just feels that way. Which is why I’d like to see ED put this in the code - eliminate the middle-men in the process.

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That was easy enough! Thanks! :slight_smile: