Click Click Click

Ah, the sad sound of a hard-drive just about to die.

Just had an old drive die on me, so a PSA to either have a backup plan or at least not store important stuff locally on spinning disks. This one had all my new X-Plane stuff on it, and about 400GB of various games and stuff. It’s inconvenient, but such is life.

I’m not too stressed, as I think (he says) everything important is elsewhere, but still, never a nice feeling to hear that clicking. As that was my last non-SSD (apart from a 4TB ‘big bertha’ on the network for movies etc) then next time I guess I’ll even not get the death click either. :clapper:

Aw man…that’s hated. Good reminder for me to back up my Thunderbird e-mail correspondence. All of my photos, videos, and important stuff is pretty much backed up to my network drive Disk Station (two 4GB drives that are duplicated…don’t know what the term is for that). If one of my many system drives goes, I’ll surely lose some stuff…and I’ll cry…but it probably won’t be the end of the world. At this point, I have four non-network (non-backup) drives installed. Three are SSDs, one is a 2TB 7200 RPM drive. I just bought a fourth SSD that I plan to make my X-Plane install.

Anyway…good reminder, and hope you get back up and running…