Cliffs of Dover interest?

Shall we try to keep up to date with Team Fusion’s work?


They do great work. Not my particular era of interest (WW2/Korea)…but I’m impressed with the work they’ve done…

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I followed the team fusion instructions to the letter and I can get the sim running but it crashes constantly. No idea why. Tried to get some help but wasnt able to out more time into something that just refused to work when I have tons of stuff to occupy my time that does.

Game isn’t bad from what I did get to play of it, though some stuff seemed pretty bugged out. But over 10 hrs of troubleshooting and still getting crashes is just too much for me. RoF has my attention for war flying.

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I’ll start playing it again when TF 5.0 comes out. Wildcats baby! wooo, er um Martlets, since our nicknames weren’t good enough for the brits :stuck_out_tongue:

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My bread and bones in sims was the il2 series, back in the day. I could lead a human squadron of bombers over a huge flight and put the bombs on target everytime…

But alas, with all the hype of cliffs of dover, and the travesty that transpired during its development. That was the end of that series for me. I am glad i did not get involved with the hype and order what this was originally the incarnation of a dream that failed to transpire.

Saying that though, i have heard of the tremendous work team fusion has done to bring this game towards what it should have been.

I was THE best advocator of IL2, but the matches burned too bright during the early days of CloD and my fingers were burned from what was promised to what was released.

I am interested in what has become but i am extraordinarily cautious of releasing any of my money on this title.

Let me know what you guys think now.

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Personally I think they’ve done a terrific job with things. They have apparently “unlocked” the secrets to adding more things, so TF 5.0 will include a new map Tobruk along with a good number of planes. My only real complaint about the game is that currently, your options of planes to fly is very limited. So that will remedy that, also I believe they said something about an actual installer as well, so you won’t have to manually update to all the patches like currently.

So in short, currently what’s there is pretty darn good, there just isn’t a lot of variety atm.

Here’s of those human squadrons of bombers on a sortie (Warning, some colorful language)


I love the era and have the utmost respect for BoB participants. Those lads were some of the bravest of any generation. But, I began flying the RAF Redux campaign and getting bounced in a Hurri by 109Es constantly got old quickly. I felt like I gave as much as received, but eventually tired of always having to turn fight to save my skin until the Luftwaffe ran out of fuel and headed home. Those guys who went out and met the Huns outgunned with no armor had balls of steel. Spit pilots faired much better, and in fact more than leveled the playing field. I’ll finish it as RAF one day, but you literally need to have the constitution of a bulldog to do so. The AI are problematic as well. Probably CloD is best consumed multi-player.

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Team Fusion Simulations patch v4.312 available via Steam

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Maybe I should uninstall then just download that. Never got this working properly.

I gave it the quickest of the spins last night and I like it.

My review in short-ish.
It’s lightyears beyond what the original CloD release was but it’s plainly obvious it has miles to go still.

My very personal opinion is that the Menu as it is it’s cringeworthy.
It really needs a total overhaul- for example I really like what 777 did with both Rise of Flight and Il2 Battle of Moskow/Stalingrad/all of them, it’d be an interesting idea trying to replicate that style, if possible.

The flight models are - according to your truly, so YMMV- very nice, intriguing to handle in all their facets (specially taking off, landing and ground handling! Fun, fun, fun!) and beyond believable. That said, having already used Team Fusion work in the past this is not a big surprise.
For the little I flew last night I couldn’t find any glaring issue.

Weapons effects, sounds and behaviour are aligned to industry standard while Damage modeling is really above par (still according to me, so YMMV still…). I really really like how bullet impact leave a hole exaclty where it struck the aircraft skin. No “blanket damage” texture, but a clear indication of the impact point. I love it. :kissing_closed_eyes:

There’s still some well known limitation like clouds popping up as you fly, some small issues with rivers, but performance is astonishing.

I expect a lot of corrections and discussions- and it will all be well received!
As this old lady is back on the stage I can’t wait to see some life in the relevant threads!



cant wait to get home and fly it now … :smiling_imp:

Latest dev Video.
Some impressive stuff!


Nice to see the dedicated team still working for free.

Do you know if they plan to implement VR?

VR is on the list for 4.5. I can’t wait to see them release it!

Yay! Get back into my beloved Blenheim - in VR!!! :grinning:

ok downloading again COD :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought VR was on the list for the more distant 5.0

VR Battle of Britain is yummy as F tho.

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Ouch, you’re right. My enthusiasm got the better of me!

I have been waiting patiently for this, I prefer the flight experience over BOS/M and with VR support will more than likely supersede BOS as my go to other flight sim, well after DCS and XP 11 :slight_smile: