CMANO: Chains of War

CMANO new DLC. Seems topical.

20 minutes into the future, a spark erupts in the Korean peninsula that will lead to a theaterwide conflagration embroiling the entire Western Pacific and drag all major powers into it. With nothing less at stake than control over the world’s busiest trade routes and containment of the emergent superpower, the Pacific becomes the world’s stage - and the players are getting down to brass tacks, for this is the game that no side can afford to lose.

12 mission campaign, can be used stand-alone or as an expansion.


Oh dear…a reminder I still haven’t played Northern Inferno…drat…

I played through Northern Inferno last year and it is fantastic. I hope that at some point they will do some more Cold War campaigns in other theaters.

CMANO has been a great tool for me the better grasp and understand carrier air defense. Reading about it is one thing but seeing it in practice really helps to put things together, especially regarding the (limited) amount of aircraft you can sustain airborne and how the various missile and radar ranges relate to each other.

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Can’t access store page, as of now… is it also Multiplayer?

Just single player I believe.

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Oh… ok.