CoD Modern Warfare 2019

Me too. Just finished it. Best COD in years.


That’s really encouraging. I’ve been away from COD since MW2 and wouldn’t mind having another blast at it.
Cool I might have to have a look into it

I got nostalgic reading this, so am now installing the 76 GB(!) CoD WWII again, as I got the steam key for it. It’s part of this months final $12 humble bundle thingy (they are changing over to a fixed reveal of games I think) here -

So they still stick to their finish-it-in-one-day pattern.

That’s why I haven’t bought a CoD since CoD4.

I’m still playing the campaign :blush:. The cod campaigns are short (8 hours I think) but the MP is good this time. I like the ground war mode which is very battlefield like. All MP modes play about the speed of Insurgency now which most of the bunny hopping cod fans don’t like. I’m enjoying it though.

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Oh I’m done with playing those games MP, I stopped long ago. Maybe 15 years now?

All I care about is the SP campaign, or if they have coop. Either way, I’m fighting against AI, not people. I don’t compete against people, it literally holds no appeal to me. I don’t enjoy it.

Not in flight sims, not in FPS, not in strategy games, nothing. I prefer playing WITH people against the AI, but if there’s no coop I still enjoy a good SP game.


I usually don’t play MP, but with this new COD I tried and it’s pretty cool. As Mace noted Ground War mode is pretty reminescence of BF, you can even drive APC’s and fly MH-6s. Realistic mode is also fun, it strps the HUD elements so it’s more tactical. I find that I play more cautiosly and use sound cues a lot more than in different modes.

There is also COOP mode. 4 missions which are rather brutal. You really need utilize those special skills (like deploying sentry guns, air support etc.) to succeed.

You also have SpecOpsClassic mode - it’s on the same map from the SP mission where you sniped this convoy from destroyed village. Also fun to play.


Fully understandable, there are still many flaws in the MP that erode the fun factor such as:

Server-Client discrepancies. On your end it may take a half dozen rounds with an M4 to kill a man (center of mass) - but you die in a couple shots.
Watch the kill cam and the killer has fired an equal number of rounds as you’d need to, so it’s fair but clearly not every shot seems to register in a meaningful way on the receiving end. Not to imply that shots get “lost in cyberspace” mind you - that doesn’t seem to be the case, anyway. I also had an empty mag and swapped to a 1911 and aimed center of mass, lost the fight and watching the kill cam my rounds were way off target as if I way aiming intentional to either side - so even accuracy doesn’t seem to match on both sides of the fence…

Shotguns. Oh how I, and my friends loathe them. Having someone sprint around firing buckshot everywhere and pushing a team into a spawn trap is beyond frustrating. Same goes for other meta-game exploiting strategies - the balanced competition is removed and it snowballs off a cliff from there.

Weapon terminology mis-match: This is nit picking, but labeling a gun chambered for 5.56x45 as a battle rifle just bothers me.

Pistols: still seem useless online. Better off with overkill and two primary weapons, bigger mags or trying for melee if close enough. I haven’t really used a pistol since CoD:4.

MW2 had a really fun playlist, Hardcore Barebones - so the reduced HUD and health of hardcore, along with no cheesy kill streaks. I’ve missed that ever since. FN SCAR-H (the 7.62x51 model) with FMJ worked great.

We also don’t have Kill Confirmed (at least on Xbox) which I throughly miss.

Generally my MP experience is mixed and overall good enough that I don’t completely swear off it, but given the above I can see if it wasn’t already your thing that MP could be a huge turn-off.

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It could be considered the greatest MP game of all time and I’d still not care if it doesn’t offer coop or SP.

I do not enjoy playing against humans anymore. Maybe it’s because I’m older now, maybe it’s a lack of patience with online glitches and/or cheats, I don’t know. I just find no thrill in pitting myself against anyone else.


im probably going to pick this one up on Black Friday. If the multiplayer is closer to BF3/4 than Black Ops 3/4 I’ll be all over it. The latest call of duty was a blazing fast twitch fest that basically lets you use sharks with frickin laser beams on their heads.

Really thought BF3/4 nailed the realism vs fun ratio.


There’s only one mode that’s like Battlefield and currently only 2 maps for it. The realism mode is good too though but the maps are smaller but it’s slower paced.

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The PvP multiplayer is still twitch city. My son loves it. I won’t touch it with a cattle prod. However, the Spec Ops missions just continuously spit bad guys at you like there’s some sort of surplus of gunmen stocked in a warehouse somewhere and everything must go. I hope that IW balances it a little more.

It’s not bad, but if you’re used to ArmA or the older Ghost Recon games, you’re still probably not going to like it. The Spec Ops levels remind me of the Bad Company 2 Onslaught mode that sold on console, which I liked a lot. It is pretty much the same concept, just no combined arms. If you operate well as a team with guys you know, it is probably easy to beat. Public matches, everyone plays like they do on PvP, running everywhere, doing their own thing, so you get pinned down by sheer numbers and die.

Ground War mode I have not played yet and I want to, just to see what it’s like. It looks like IW is going directly after the Battlefield players and they have a fair chance of success since the recent Battlefield games have been hit or miss, mostly miss. I do like the idea of a slower-paced, smarter CoD game that punishes the lone wolf, run and gun player with a quick death.

All told, it’s not a bad game. Ghost Recon has the ArmA for Dummies crowd pretty well in hand, or at least they did until Breakpoint came out. IW is trying to bridge the gap between ADHD sufferers and GenXers, so we’ll see how it shakes out.

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I loved BF3, but it was sad that the destructive environment was only partly implemented. Bad Company 2 was my first Battlefield (Xbox 360).
Battlefield 4 fixed that some, but it lost the feel somehow. Three felt like a Beta for four, or four an overpriced expansion for three.

Between that and each CoD feeling like an overpriced texture pack, I am trying to ween myself off these games.

Plus DCS has pushed me to desiring development progress for my money, even if it’s more costly. CoD stays on as a social game with friends, and this one being IW and back to MW without a lot of the super-power fluff looked quite enticing at first.

I’ll have to try the Ground War mode. On the larger scale, ballistic drop was something very enticing for Battlefield as it prevents a outright Snipefest (although that still occurs a lot In Bf when anyone with experience dials in ranges).

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patienlty waiting for BF6, hopefully it follows COD and remakes BF2. Nothing better than US Marines raining hate and discontent on the MEC.

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Mine as well (although I played on PC) and it was BY FAR the Battlefield title I enjoyed the most and played incessently.

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That’s where I fell in love with the T90.
The Russian gun sight with the ranging bar underneath was a beauty. We get the same one in DCS fortunately too!

Just been announced that the next Battlefield game will be out by 2022. Hopefully they’ve learnt from their mistakes with 5, pandering to the SJW/PC crowd. The new Pacific update looks quite good though.


I’m getting this game “free” with my new card - not played since was it 4? The original MW - that’s why I was a bit baffled when I saw this one advertised on the TV.
I’ve sinced watched the IGN and Worth A Buy? video reviews and I think I’ll actually give this one a go - even if it means having to install GeForce Experience to get the code (can always uninstall it again after).

I last played properly about 10 years ago, in the final months of the CustomPC Clan. Great bunch of lads and we enjoyed playing it together online. Think we did some BF2: BC after that, but the clan disbanded shortly after. I bought lots of the CoD follow-ups when they were cheap on Steam sales, but never really got into them due to so much crappy FMV “cut scenes” just completely spoiling the fluidity of gameplay.

According to the WAB guy (Mac?) this deosn’t apply to the new game - though the online play is supposedly as poorly conceived as ever (edit - comments above noted :wink: )

I started online play with CoD (1) - I had always shunned multiplayer up to then, as I’d only tried Quake II and UT back in the late 90’s and performance was dire. But that game was just so much fun online, and I did much better than I expected - I really enjoyed myself (always playing TDM but not in any kind of clan or anything). Then they went and ruined it.

Of course, back then multiplayer was a completely different animal to the grungefest it is today

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I finished the campaign yesterday and really enjoyed it, definitely the best COD SP I’ve played and the SAS building breach missions looked fantastic with NODs down, the animations and sound is just top notch - even on console. I enjoy the MP for what it is too.

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Well it looks like I won’t be playing it after all. I tried to redeem my code on GFE, but it thinks I’m running an old version and tells me to install 3.18 or later - I’m running 3.20 that only just got released.
Got on support chat after a very long wait, and the guy was a complete tool and treating me like some idiot who doesn’t know his arse from his elbow - I ended up ditching him and they can keep their game.

I will try it again tomorrow, but if it still doesn’t work I’ll bin it.

Love the card, though! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

edit: Tried again and it worked.