CoD Modern Warfare 2019

Haven’t played a CoD game in years, I think the last decent one was CoD 4 MW on PC. The remastered version has been good on PS4 too.
But anyway, I know the games are like Marmite (you either love them or hate them) but I’m gonna get the new one due out at the end of the month. The campaign looks pretty good and there’s a new MP mode with large maps that plays more like Battlefield (I’m thinking of 4 rather than the dire newer 1 and 5, too full of political correctness) with vehicles etc.

I was also thinking about getting it, AFAIK it will not be on Steam though?

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Oh right, I’m not sure but it wouldn’t surprise me seeing as Epic are getting all the big games on their store. I’m getting on PS4 though, my PC wouldn’t run it unfortunately. I’ve been playing CoD 4 remastered MP on PS4 to get used to playing on a controller and have been coming 2nd and 3rd in matches lol, I’ll show these kids a thing or two waves walking stick in the air

I very much enjoyed modern warfare 1 and 2 on my ps3 back in the day.
But they turned into gadget filled, killstreak reward fests and that turned me off.

I preferred the simple gameplay but I doubt we will get that back. Same with battlefield, loved 2 and bad company 1 and 2. Not keen on the newer ones.

Must be an age thing as my reflexes aren’t up to them anymore.


They’re saying this is going back to basics, back to how it used to be. It still has killstreaks etc as in the first MW but the new mode with the large maps looks pretty good. I’m mainly getting it for the campaign as it looks pretty good but I’ll give the MP a go too.

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I believe it’ll be on Battle.Net. I played the open beta and it was on there then.

The netcode of the beta was a bit iffy and there was some lag. Hopefully they improve it for release.

As a person that’s played hundreds and hundreds of hours in Battlefield games, this Ground War mode is not Battlefield. The time to die is so quick in this game that it’s difficult to do anything. There was little teamwork as you die so quick and can’t do anything.

If you like COD multiplayer, then this is for you and Ground War mode is just a larger version with more people.

To each their own. :slight_smile:

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I’m old fashioned guy, so I play CODs for their single player campaigns. Don’t care much about MP. The one in frist MW was really novel. After that it was downhill. I stopped playing COD games after BO2. Picked up Infinite Warfare in some sale, SP campaign was pretty good, but nothing ground breaking as MW at the time of the relese. I hope the new MW will be good.


Ah Ground War, that’s what it’s called! I couldn’t remember lol :slight_smile:
I meant plays more like Battlefield rather than CoD due to the map size, of course it will always have the CoD isms. After playing some CoD 4 MP recently I don’t mind it, the game flows fast and it’s a good ‘disengage brain and shoot stuff’ time filler.

I played CoD 4 and WaW I think as the most recent ones. I liked the original 2 quite a bit, but gave the series up. When I finished CoD 4’s SP part in FOUR hours, I was first glad I’d bought in a great sale (under $10) and second convinced the series was moving away from what it had started as–a MoH clone by most of the same people who did MoH:AA (the best of the 3 I had, the other 2 being Pacific and Airborne).

I got BF3 free on Origin at one point and I couldn’t even finish that SP campaign. While I loved MoH, CoD, and BF 15 years ago when they were new, they have all moved away from that and into the MP-focused bores I find them to be now. I will always have fond memories of the old ones, including the hundreds of hours I spent on BF42 and its expansions and mods like Desert Combat and Eve of Destruction (before Vietnam came out), but no one wants to make games like that anymore.

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That Sir, demonstrates an unheralded mastery of the “King’s English”. I am in awe. :grin: +1 little airplane.


Nobody does it better than the inventors of the language good sir!! :joy:

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I’ll check out the new CoD. Fond memories of playing CoD 4 fresh off an Iraqi Freedom deployment.

Best FPS campaigns I’ve ever played:

CoD 4 and Medal of Honor (the SEAL one)

Best FPS Multiplayer:


Perfect mix of realism and arcade IMO. Has great gun sounds, bullet physics, fun vehicles.


That was one of my favorite campaigns as well. The fact that the whole gameplay was based on a single operation really invested you in the characters and showed the complex and volatile nature of asymmetric warfare.


Concur- sadly the follow up was a real let down.

Played 45 minutes last night from midnight (and I get up at 6am so am pretty tired today :tired_face: ), on MP and a bit of the first mission in SP and I was pleasantly surprised at how visceral the guns feel! Very nicely done and different to the last CODs in my opinion. I played MP on the Realism mode (no radar, no HUD, FF on etc) and it was nice and slow, well slower than the main modes, and I loved it.
SP looked great and from the small amount I played they’ve definitely improved all from previous CODs.

Bravo Six, going dark…


To be fair, I do seem to recall they completely re-done the engine so-- good! :smiley:

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Yep, it’s a new engine at last and it does feel like COD4 did years ago. It’s not the epitome of gaming but it’s great for switching of the brain and killing stuff :grin:

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Insert Obi Wan meme
That’s a feeling I haven’t had in a loong time…

Edit: corrected some Pizzastani English…

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I’m playing the new Modern Warfare and I have to say its SP campaign is really good so far.


Played through the entire campaign in one sitting last night. IW still knows how to tell a good story.