Codemasters F1 2018

Unless I can pick the dressing on my pre-race salad then it’s not a proper racing simulator in the depth I need. :slight_smile:

Technically these games look amazing, but (a) I only learn Monza and (b) lap 32 I spin off due to an unforced error on my part and then in a fit of rage go microwave my SSD.

Marketing guff here:


That’s why you should stick to flying!

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The new sounds I heard so far are lot better than from 2017.

I have every one since 2010 (except 2015 which had most features stripped out as they switched engines but not yearly releases).
I enjoy them for the most part, but I have to ask…

WTF did they do to the cars this year??? Is that a wire cutter for racing through power lines or something?!?? :astonished:
I love classic cars and tracks though. I just wish they would combine them.

My favorite of these though was EA’s F1 Challenge 99-02. The only racing sim that out of the box let you race the cars and tracks from 4 years back-to-back with them changing as you go. It was a brilliant idea and the ONLY time I’ve seen it that wasn’t a mod.

Yeah, I didn’t recognise that either. It must be a new safety regulation based on the last accident?

Ultimately it seems the F1 car ‘protect the driver’ parts is a bit like the escalating use of amount of cheese on a Pizza or the number of razor blades to indicate value - the trend points towards baking entire heads inside blocks or cheese or having 4E24 blades as the best solution.

No fatalities since Senna in -94…
But yeah, the cars are starting to look strange.

Does F1 2018 support VR…?

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You should read more, the family of Jules Bianchi (FRA) , died October 5, 2014 in the Japanese Grand Prix (Suzuka Circuit) with the Marussia MR03 might be of a different opinion.


I don’t think so, no. One of those cost/benefit things for the bean counters is my best guess.

@komemiute :frowning:

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Not a fatality, but a bolt through Massa’s face shield was a little too reminiscent of Senna’s injury.

…and when Justin Wilson (RIP) took a nose cone to the helmet in 2015, both IRL and F1 began evaluating modifying their formulas to protect driver’s heads.

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Right! :hushed: How he heck did I forget about that one?
Anyway, the original point I was making was that F1 has a very good safety record, considering what they do.

Edit. I had to read up on that accident. I was under the impression he survived, but no, he did die from his wounds 9 months later. :frowning:

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It’s ok. As you stated, in fact F1 is still quite “safe” when it comes to fast race cars.
Sure the situation is better than late '90s.

After I watched all the stuff in that trailer I gues final game version will definitely include simulation of helicopters filming race :slight_smile:

And then there’s the traumatic injury Schumacher suffered that no changes to the cars would’ve helped…

At a certain point, you will reach a minimum level of danger below which it’s not feasible to go. I mean, drivers are at risk from debris as long as there are open cockpits. There is a risk of fire as long as the cars have an internal fuel supply (not even electric are immune). A collision can compromise any structure as long as the energy is routed along the worst lines.

To paraphrase WarGames, the only way to race truly safe is not to race at all. Rejecting that as obviously too far, how many changes can be made before it’s no longer recognizable as being the same sport?

Everyone agrees the safety record of the 21st century F1 is far superior to 20th century, but is it realistic to expect it can really get any better? We’ve pretty much reached the point where it is objectively safer to race F1 than to drive to work every day.

Since release is tomorrow 8/24 I just want to say, '18 is every bit as legit as '17. I know when you get a good game one year, you figure hey, just build on what you have, but as we all know occasionally that gets screwed up. But this time, they took what they had and actually made it better, massively better? no, but honestly there wasn’t a whole lot of room to go up. don’t @ me :stuck_out_tongue:

But in all seriousness, this is bar none the best career mode going in anything involving cars, no idea what multi is like, there have been talk of improvements, but can’t confirm as it’s hard to get a race before everyone has it in there hands. yes, the cars look odd, my uneducated guess is that it’s more protection from big debris like an errant tire to the head, which i think was covered more or less.

Anyway, 2 years in a row that it’s been really quite good.

*seems a forumla 2 driver died last year i think was in that exact scenario, tire to the head

I’ve bought every release but I usually wait for the first time it goes on sale at the end of the year. I doubt I’ll change that now as I’m still in the middle of a 2017 MP season anyway.

Also, if the game is going to have any problems they tend to patch them out in the first couple of months so little point in dealing with that frustration. I just pick up the “Fixed Edition” on sale in Q4. :slight_smile:

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