Cold Waters...Tell Me About It...

I’m wondering if it’s worth the $40. Let me describe my submarine simulations history. I started out with Tom Clancy’s SSN, graduated to Jane’s 688-I (Hunter/Killer). I think I wore out that CD I played it so much. I got into Sub Command, but it just felt like an updated Jane’s 688. I tried Dangerous Waters, but it was so hardcore grognard simulation gaming, it just wasn’t fun.

Jane’s Fleet Command was okay, but it lacked a lot of the tension that 688-I just seemed to exude. What is the campaign play like in Cold Waters and does the training adequately prepare you for the meat of the game? I don’t want another DCS, and this just looks like it would be more balanced between ‘fun’ and ‘simulation’.

I’ve yet to get it, but if you remember Red Storm Rising, it’s supposed to be a spiritual successor to that.

Yeah…I’ve been holding off on getting it for a sale. I know that isn’t the ideal way to support a developer…but I’ve got enough PC toys to deal with at the moment…

It’s pretty good. Nice graphics too. You don’t have to deal with managing the various stations on the submarine, although you can (and should) identify the targets by their acoustical signature on the waterfall display. Other than that it is very much like Red Storm Rising of old. Maybe a little over priced for a sim lite but still very enjoyable.

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After looking at it, and plenty of the YouTube plays of it by Jive Turkey, Jingles, etc., I know I’m going to pop the cork on this game in, like, four to five hours - download speed and time be damned!

$40 seems to be a good investment towards a company that now has 3 pretty nice naval related gaming titles out there, and that is one area (naval gaming) that needs as much love as it can get, in my opinion. Who knows what other goodies Killerfish will include as patches go along. Big plus for the company as they opened the gates for modding the game right off of the bat too.

If you are into subs, I can highly recommend Cold Waters. It is a very fun game. Just do not expect it to play like 688(i)/Sub Command, it’s a different approach.

I have it, while it’s not perfect I’d say it’s worth the $40.

I do think it’s a nice balance between sim and game.