Collect PDF manuals for DCS modules

I like to have my manuals at one place so that I can sync them easily for example with my Google Drive to be able to read them when I’m not at my gaming rig.

Manuals for DCS modules are stored within the DCS install directory and they are updated with DCS patches as well. I got tired of browsing through all directories to find out if anything has changed so I asked Google and came up with the following little batch script:

for /r "C:\Games\DCS World" %%a in (*pdf) do xcopy "%%a" "C:\temp\DCS Manuals" /DY

Copy the command above to a new text file (directories need to be updated with your installation parameters obviously) and save as update_dcs_manuals.bat

When you run the batch file, it will collect all PDF files from DCS World directory and put them to a destination folder (here: C:\temp\DCS Manuals)

If you run it again, it will copy new files or update existing files only when the timestamp has changed.

By sorting the destination folder by modified date in Windows Explorer, I can see that F-5 & M-2000 manuals have been updated in November.

Maybe some of you find this useful as well. :slight_smile:


Awesome script! :slight_smile: Very useful!

In case anybody was wondering… ^^^ Many tanks.
Heheheh got it, “Many Tanks!”

So hilarious!

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