Collectables and Other Nerd Gear

I couldn’t find a specific topic, so here is a place to show off all those collectables in your Man Cave, or other safe space, that tend to have your significant other scratch their head ask “why are they spending money on that crap?”

I will post some of the other cool stuff that I have, but for now a shout out to the other WH40K fans (@Victork2). Picked this up today, because I had a morning to kill in a shopping mall while the VW was in for its scheduled service.


Nice keychain (the chainsword is 7cm long) so now there is no confusing what Tiguan fob belongs to who (SWMBO is still “Driver 1”) :wink:

I made the mistake of checking out the website though…

I have just ordered this:


Looking forward to my first summer rocking this:


FFS. I’m my own worst enemy aren’t I?

I just ordered one of those as well :shushing_face:


Have I mentioned that it arrived in Winter and my Wife said she would divorce me if I keep it?

So now I am waiting for bugs to harass her in Spring. That will better my chances.

For democracy! Sweet liberty! I‘m doing MY part!


I love that key chain. For the emperor!

Ive been eyeing up the bug assault as well for a while. I’m scared one of the kids is going to lose an eyeball though. Kids are stupid.


the bug assault could also be a great motivational tool for my daughters … “have you done the dishes yet? … no ( insert sound of bug assault being cocked ) :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


You know, tears are salt water…

But yeah, I hear you. Kids are stupid. Especially the 20+ ones when they drink beer.

I need a save place to stash it away.


Best collectable I ever saw was when I worked at Patrick AFB a dozen or so years ago.
One of the engineers had a trapezoidal piece of metal on his desk, larger than a laptop and very solid, fairly heavy.
Being who I am, I instantly recognized it as the canard wing of an AA-10 Alamo. :slight_smile:

He wasn’t at this desk while I was there working on a printer or someone else’s PC, can’t recall, so I didn’t get to ask him where he got it. :frowning:


My wife has a thing for garden gnomes.


I just got a shipment of stash from my friend who used to fly for the Swedish Govt. (SwAF).


Bought myself a another pair for the wall.

Vipers rock. If my humvee is a military tractor, the viper is a supercar tractor.

This one is my favourite movie car. I’d do ANYTHING to own an XB coupe. I’m waiting for @Harry_Bumcrack to find me one and send it over piece by piece. But, he is hanging the job out a bit :rofl:


You and me both mate.

Unfortunately even an XB coupe shell is going to set you back about 10K… in your money.

Something we could drive. I could get a tidy Ferrari or Lambo for the same price.


I been on ebay for years and never found anything even close to worth having.

Meh, not gonna happen but still a cool car. Wish aussies still made cars. I’ve never had so much fun behind the wheel as my monaro was, the Xr6, falcon gt and Xr8’s i drove out there.

My lord they were epic motors compared to the boring stuff we get out here.

types in Maloo on ebay

You and me both mate. :slight_smile:

Perfect recipe for a true GT or sports sedan IMHO. Take a mid sized 4 door (with legroom in the back) stick a stonking great supercharged LS Chev V8 in the front, make it handle better than just about everything else in it’s class… A workmate had one of the last HSV Commodores - OMFG it was a beast.

Unfortunately, Not enough sportscar and too thirsty for (most of) Europe and not big enough for US touring. So they never really had international appeal, except for the Middle East!

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I’m not really a big ford fan, always preferred the holdens, but you couldn’t argue the Falcons were some amazing competition for them out there. Some magical cars came out of that rivalry.

I looked up the registration of my monaro a while back and its still on the road with 155,000 on the clock. I had it from 20ish-45ish and it was belting fun. But looking at the MOT history on it, it was a solid motor that didn’t need a lot. Great cars. Shot up in value so much now that they aren’t worth having but i like to dream


In the past year I haven’t updated about my collection… I think it fits in here.


I think so too.
If it fits in your bookcase is another matter… :wink:


HAHAHHA I know right? I definitely could use an apartment on my own.



That is a damn fine collectable collection.

I am looking at more than a few titles that I wish I still had.


There are a few boxes I really wish I could have- but to be really honest I consider my collection happily finished.