Combat Air Patrol 2: Battle of Hormuz

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We take a look at the early access state of Combat Air Patrol 2: Battle of Hormuz as Sim155 keep plugging away on this intriguing simulator that features one of the author’s favorite platforms: the AV-8B Harrier II. Available now as a Steam Early Access title (what is Steam Early Access? – HERE) for $29.99,…


Excellent writing and an inviting software.
All the best to the developers.

I eagerly await some AAR, in time. :slight_smile:

Multiplayer may be the entry point for me. Everything else sounds okay and although I would prefer a deeper level of rivet counting, I would be content with the way the game is currently designed.


Yeah - I’m hoping the Razbam Harrier for DCS will meet that need in me…while CAP2 might be the SF2 equivalent for just getting in and blowing stuff up. There is a ways to go though. MP Harrier carrier ops will be scarier and merrier though for sure! :wink:

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Nice preview article Chris! I think I’m going to have to get this, especially now that VR is supported.

I’ll be the flying part will be pretty cool in VR. But like I said in the article…at $29…it is a speculative investment at this point.

I’m kinda miffed that VR got worked on before all the other missing campaign, mission and system parts.

For a small dev place, it seemed like a fun thing to do/add, but something that should come later when more of the essentials are working and usable. I think it will work well as a VR title, but the effort dilutes other things that should be sorted out for a $30 title.

Indeed - I worry about feature creep. They are (apparently) working on a new carrier…which is nice and all…but I don’t know if it is necessary when compared to the bigger picture. The dynamic campaign and Harrier FM are the two biggest selling points of this sim. They need to get the campaign done before the shininess of the new penny wears off.

Counterpoint: While I’d hazard a significant portion of VR owners are sim aficionados, I doubt we represent a majority. The pool of VR games of any quality or depth is actually pretty surprisingly small if your browse the steam store. I can easily see how attempting to establish one’s self as a quality game in that market early would be beneficial, and open up a semi-independent market of customers.

I think it could work for them, but they are going for a ‘niche size multiplied by niche size’ segmenting, and that can produce even smaller numbers. :slight_smile:

I think VR is a good fit for it, but it wasn’t initially promoted as a VR title in early access but a sim with a campaign and at least some simple systems working. Being able to see things not work in solid 3D is about the same as not working in plain old flatworld, with the difference being it’s a month longer of the radios not working. I agree though that if it there best way of getting traction then it might just be crazy enough to work :slight_smile:

I’m not going to complain :wink: .

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Remember these guys had a failed Kickstarter not all that long ago, so I would imagine the modest developer effort to get an initial VR build up and running and the likely buzz it could generate probably made sense.

Great article BTW Beach, and as ever some stunning screenshots.

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This belongs here…(I just noticed…at the very end of that video…that is an awfully swishy walk for a Marine eh?)


Not often I grab at a new sim these days. But I’m seeing an up to date version of my all time favourite AV8B Harrier Assault from years back. Got it after reading Beach’s article and loving it. Very smooth graphics and clearly lots of potential once the campaign system works Nice job lads


Glad you are enjoying it. Yes…that fluid feeling of flight is very good (very X-Plane / DCS authenticity to the feel…if not the numbers…no idea though). I really hope it moves along and gets fleshed out like the developers want. As soon as they add multiplayer, I think we could have a good time running around the theater. Tanking will be nice too…

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So, I took the plunge. As previously mentioned, it’s silky smooth. Really nice in VR :slight_smile: . I don’t much like the cinematic view changes but other than that it looks like it will be a lot of fun.

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I meant to mention that in the article…the lag as the camera goes from that external view to the cockpit should be eliminated. It is a neat effect the first time you see it…but after that…it is just annoying and disruptive.

excellent write-up. Pretty much sums up how I feel about the game as well. Not to much has changed since I wrote my own impressions a few months back in June. I understand the dev team is mostly a one or two man show and we can’t expect weekly updates but like frog stated I’m not all that happy with all sorts of bells and whistles being added while the core game still needs so much work.

I would also like some more rivet counting, especially on the avionics part. Some proper radar mechanics with elevation, a TDC and maybe some more advanced stuff like PRF would make it perfect for me, somewhere in the FC3 ballpark. They could split the complexity with an easy/hard option like they did for the flight model, so folks with controllers can still play it. Pressing T to toggle targets doesn’t really do it for me.


I get that many of you see VR support as a niche gimmick right now, or at least an unnecessary feature at this time, but in my case it was the main feature that persuaded me to buy into it. The same goes with Aerofly FS2.

In fact, I don’t see myself buying a sim that doesn’t support VR going forward.

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I don’t mind the “T” for targeting thing so much…I mean that is pretty much what you have in Strike Fighters as well. That said, I do wish that there was enough success with the product at some point down the road to add more FC3 level modeling of the avionics with associated difficulty settings options.

At this point though - I really think the campaign should be the biggest focus. That (to me) seems to be a staggering undertaking. Let’s face it…teams of people were used to develop the Falcon and EECH dynamic campaigns…so for such a small developer to tackle it is pretty ambitious.