Combined Arms Question

I’m currently stuck in the 6th mission in the Georgia Front Lines campaign. Its a night mission and it gives you a MQ-9 the briefing says can be used for recon. Problem is it never finds anything no matter where I tell it to go while my units are dying from totally unseen units. What am I doing wrong? Any tips?

In short… how do I use UAV’s for recon in Combined Arms

The way I do that is to use the F10 view. If the mission uses Fog Of War, which I am thinking is the case, then the Reaper will unveil the enemy as it flies near. Same for any AI aircraft.

I play CA a lot and do not believe there is any other way.

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Here you go.
Joint Pub 2-01 Joint and National Intelligence Support to Military Operations

Chapter III Sections A through C apply.

Enjoy :grin:


I think you just spawned a whole new usage case for “TMI”. :rofl:


Thats what I’ve been doing but it never reveals the enemy. Could altitude be an issue? The Reaper is set to fly at like 6000 ft. Maybe I should drop it down.

I am interested to know if that works.

If you are trying to use AI as a JTAC it is a bit broken at the moment.

I forget the function name but basically if you use “search” they will generally find anything, but if you use a series “search for group X” (same waypoint or one per waypoint doesn’t matter) they get stuck and stop doing their task.

6000ft is also a bit low, they won’t get a wide search area like that. Higher altitude would cover more ground.