Combo monitor and keyboard (like a laptop, but not)?

Does anyone know of a product offering basically a monitor and keyboard in one convenient package? Sort of like a laptop minus any internal bits? In essence a rack mount monitor setup, minus the rack mount and $500+ price tag. At the moment I’m not finding anything reasonable, with anything approaching gaming specs on the monitor.

The end state goal is to have a reasonably portable form factor monitor and keyboard pair that can be connected to my gaming PC without having to worry about having a desk around to use it (think gaming from the comfort of your lazy-boy) while still taking advantage of the high end PC. Ideally the form factor would basically be a tethered laptop. And for those of you wondering if being married has anything to do with this, the answer is yes.

At the moment I’m thinking my best bet may be to simply purchase a monitor and keyboard and 3D print an enclosure.

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In big computing room, there’s terminals that connect to entire racks.
So with a button you select which machine you want to control and off you go.
Sadly the monitor are not the best in regards of resolution and latency…
And the keyboard are… Lacking.

Dunno, it’s nothing a gamer would use.
You have a very peculiar need.

Are you on Reddit?
You might be able to find some inspiration on r/sffpc (Small Form Factor PC)
They have some pretty small transportable gaming setups on that sub.

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I am in agreement on that lol.

Ah excellent, thank you.

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