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3rd Party Campaigns?

arent they already?

I’m referring to the stock campaigns for FC3. I know several weeks ago I tried the A-10A the Valley campaign, and in the first mission there were vehicles on top of buildings and completely obscured by trees, which made the mission unplayable (I reported this in the ED forums). I’ve seen other reports about the F-15C campaign having issues as well.

I haven’t tried the campaign since. I know in one of Wags’ updates before 2.5 was released, he said they were addressing issues with older campaigns on the updated map. But I also never saw anything in the change log saying they were addressed.

I can check later if I get a chance. I was just trying to avoid starting and flying a campaign mission just to find out it was still broken.

I’ll check it out and see, I know there was some issues with 3rd Party ones.

Also if you wanna start a new thread here, or on the ED forums bug section if you feel like listing issues you have found.

Thanks @NineLine. Will check again and continue reporting at ED forums if I still find issues.

Recorded from a Spitfire cockpit by our very own owner and CEO, Nick Grey, here is a little example of how rain should bead on a plexiglass canopy. The same holds true for the Hornet.

As you can see, we got it pretty darn close!