Coming soon to DCS World

Coming in 2.5.1

We just wanted to update everyone on what we are currently working in.

Right now, we are hard at work trying to better manage the memory load for the sim, with all goodness that 2.5 has brought, we need to better balance how things are loaded and unloaded to memory. A solution is currently in testing.

Also, we are now testing an Offline mode, we appreciate there are a number of users that go long periods without internet, we are trying to better manage how the new DRM work with an offline mode.

All these are currently being tested and we hope to have out in version 2.5.1!



Looking forward to the improvements in RAM management :smiley:


I’m good with more efficient system resource usage.

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More efficient resource management… Sounds like they are preparing for the f-111


Yeah! What else could they mean…
I’d have to go with «Confirmed» on that.


The F-111 is a cool jet indeed. One issue with it coming to DCS though would be the limited map sizes no?

TBH its completely unfeasible: map size, the utter lack of mass appeal for a machine that is made to make hours-long runs to drop single sticks of bombs then run back home for hours and nothing else.

Still. Christen Eagle gets made, as did the viggen (and we all love that module, dont we?) The Pig is one helluva cool jet.

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Raindrops? Or Tears from those waiting on the F-111?


Me am happee!!! :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :joy_cat:


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Nah! Saliva from Hornet Pre purchasers… :wink:


Tears, but nice

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All I’m reading are doubting excuses of a nay-sayer… :wink:

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If you were there for the live stream today, you might have heard the plans are in place to resolve that little issue in the future :slight_smile:


Confirmation of f-111??? :thinking:

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Remove the issues, open the door :slight_smile:


Very nice indeed. Tu-22 is gonna love that too. Heck, a B-52D might be fun :smiley:

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Work-In-Progress (WIP) video look at the new rain drops on canopy effect!


Hey @NineLine - sorry if this is OT, but do you have any information on when the Flaming Cliffs campaigns are going to be updated for the new map in 2.5? I’ve been running through Instant Action and Quick Missions, but I’m really looking forward to getting back to campaigns.