Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations GOTY

I know I gush about this game all the time but for all the content you get with it that’s a phenomenal deal.

I just wish I didn’t suck at it so much!

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God Da…

I am trying to avoid spending as much money on games lately, and here you go posting something like this! How am I supposed to be fiscally responsible when you do things like this?!


I said I’d get it…

Now, if only I could use Italy… :wink:


You made a great decision! I’ve put so many hours into this and still not scratched the surface.

Plus it’s given me an appreciation of naval warfare that I never really had before. So that’s opened up another whole avenue of reading for me (SUBMARINES ARE COOL! Who knew?)

Take your time with it and you’ll have a blast!

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I’m pretty sure there are Italian Tornadoes in at least one of the DS scenarios.


:slight_smile: Thank you! But it’s a tongue-in-cheek reference to an After Action Report I made with Hearts of Iron- where I tried to conquer World War 2 Europe with italy! :smiley:

I wasn’t serious. :wink:

But thank you so much for the report! :smiley:


I’ve played the first scenario and about half of the second. Enjoyed both, especially the variety available. I had a friendly fire incident which was really interesting to see. In CMANO you get fairly omniscient views of your forces, having additional troops moving in the desert and “re-discovering” them was pretty cool.

It’s been a cool departure from modern stuff with all BVR hotness to an era where a Sparrow is the hotness.

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Fun fact: The AIM-7F/M actually had better kinematic range than the AIM-120A/B (though it needed a very powerful illuminator, like the AWG-9 or APG-63, to exploit this in practice). Only with the AIM-120C-3 and later mods did the AMRAAM exceed its range.

An “Active Sparrow” (like the aborted “Active Skyflash” that BAE developed but never fielded) would have been an awesome weapon for about two decades.

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Sorry for the dumb questions but is CMANO the base game and all the other products add-ons? Or is each its own playable purchase?

(Don’t answe that! Got it. CMANO is the base, the rest are DLC. Still not sure how the “Live” products differ from the other content but given the lower price, I am guessing that they are smaller scenarios. )

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Not dumb at all!

CMANO’s DLCs are broken down into two types:

  1. Standalone (or “full pack”) DLCs. These are similar to the old Harpoon “battlesets”, typically they revolve around a single theater/campaign (Northern Inferno, Chains Of War, Shifting Sands, Desert Storm) or around a specific armed branch (The Silent Service). You don’t have to have the base CMANO game to play those. Their (relatively) low price makes them an attractive “gateway” into the CMANOverse.

  2. Command-LIVE DLCs: These are single scenarios (or two of them in the case “You Brexit You Fix It”), and to play those you do need to have the base CMANO game installed (so they are more traditional “slave” DLCs). They are often based on current worldwide military hotspots; someone once described the C-LIVE series as “the Bloomberg Terminal of military/geopolitical crises”, and it’s an interesting view.

Hope this helps.


Indeed it does. Given how bad my online flight sim experiences have been recently I might have to dive deep into something totally different. I must have put 500 plus hours into Harpoon 3 way back when so I could easily see how this could suck one in.

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There’s Steam Workshop integration built in to the full version too. Some of the scenarios are really amazing.

My goto list is :

Under African Skies
Team Yankee
Brother vs. Brother
Hit Hard, Hit Fast


I thought you said “if only I could use it in Italy”…my bad…never mind.

(This is what happens when I start posting before my first :coffee:

I’d still like to sail to Naples…Napoli!


Uh… uhm. What?

HAHAHHAHAHAH Now it makes sense! :laughing:

Luckily the games works just fine, I even started an AAR!
Now… if I could unlock the same Achievement as @BeachAV8R and have myself days that last 48 hours I’d be set!

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This was awesome…

Steam summer sale


Thanks for the heads up, I’ve been thinking I should get some of the expansions for the added features for a while now. Guess it’s time to do so.

I have 60 hrs in this game. I resoundingly SUCK at it. But my god I love it. Its my go to game to calm myself and engage my brain. Love it.

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Yep, I have more hours than you but I get destroyed a lot. I got so frustrated with my lack of skill that I went out and purchased naval tactics and strategy books so I can try and understand how to fight these naval and air assets. When I feel like a grand scale, dramatic strategy game involving naval and air operations I go to this gem of a simulator every time. :slightly_smiling_face: