Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations GOTY


You won’t be disappointed mate. Imo you should Spend a few hours in the tutorials and either focus on air or sea power (whichever interests you more)

Once you have the basics it’s really easy to transfer to the other side of it (air or sea)

Once you have that do a small scenario.

When you win forget doing anything else for a while!

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:slight_smile: WILCO!


The scenarios of Desert Storm - Part 1:


Oh man… This will be mine!


How do I turn OFF the gods eye view in the tutorials? I can’t seem to launch any attacks while in ‘gods eye view’

I never had this problem before so I’m not actually sure if it’s a new bug that’s developed or its something I’ve done. But I’ve gone back to the tutorial sections to try and finish off the bits I missed and this has cropped up in them.

Has anyone else had any experience of this? It says on the hotkey page to push ctrl + v to turn gods eye on but doesn’t say anything about deactivating it. Plus I don’t actually know what it does when it is on other than stop you giving any orders except moves…



If you have enabled the “Persistent map profile” feature, please disable it for a while. We found and fixed a problem related to this and the God’s Eye view, but because of the production schedule the next update will not be released until the end of next week.

Once you disable the persistent map profile, this problem should be resolved.


I’ll have a look and let you know. Thanks for the quick answer @Dimitris! I was fairly sure I had already played the tutorial I was getting the problem on last night so I thought it was possible it was a small bug or a glitch. That’s good to know. I’ll investigate and update on here if that solves it. Can’t wait to try the new dlc (hence the tutorial replays of the strike missions)


Scenario of Desert Storm, Part II:

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Feel the thunder! Command: Desert Storm is unleashed:


First scenario, Invasion, does a good job of setting the stage. I haven’t finished it yet but has a good pace and brings back a lot of memories.


Command Defcon-One Edition: A Steam-exclusive bundle at an unprecedented price:

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I know I gush about this game all the time but for all the content you get with it that’s a phenomenal deal.

I just wish I didn’t suck at it so much!

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God Da…

I am trying to avoid spending as much money on games lately, and here you go posting something like this! How am I supposed to be fiscally responsible when you do things like this?!


I said I’d get it…

Now, if only I could use Italy… :wink:


You made a great decision! I’ve put so many hours into this and still not scratched the surface.

Plus it’s given me an appreciation of naval warfare that I never really had before. So that’s opened up another whole avenue of reading for me (SUBMARINES ARE COOL! Who knew?)

Take your time with it and you’ll have a blast!

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I’m pretty sure there are Italian Tornadoes in at least one of the DS scenarios.


:slight_smile: Thank you! But it’s a tongue-in-cheek reference to an After Action Report I made with Hearts of Iron- where I tried to conquer World War 2 Europe with italy! :smiley:

I wasn’t serious. :wink:

But thank you so much for the report! :smiley:


I’ve played the first scenario and about half of the second. Enjoyed both, especially the variety available. I had a friendly fire incident which was really interesting to see. In CMANO you get fairly omniscient views of your forces, having additional troops moving in the desert and “re-discovering” them was pretty cool.

It’s been a cool departure from modern stuff with all BVR hotness to an era where a Sparrow is the hotness.

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Fun fact: The AIM-7F/M actually had better kinematic range than the AIM-120A/B (though it needed a very powerful illuminator, like the AWG-9 or APG-63, to exploit this in practice). Only with the AIM-120C-3 and later mods did the AMRAAM exceed its range.

An “Active Sparrow” (like the aborted “Active Skyflash” that BAE developed but never fielded) would have been an awesome weapon for about two decades.

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Sorry for the dumb questions but is CMANO the base game and all the other products add-ons? Or is each its own playable purchase?

(Don’t answe that! Got it. CMANO is the base, the rest are DLC. Still not sure how the “Live” products differ from the other content but given the lower price, I am guessing that they are smaller scenarios. )

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