Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations GOTY


An imported custom overlay of the map tiles from good ol Caucaus, just as an artificial limit for now? (i.e. then NTTR, Normandy, Straits etc).

I think with the sort of stuff @MBot has been doing, some sort of export that reads in a (constrained to overlap with both sims) Order of Battle, basic target waypoint, mission type. The export to DCS I can definitely picture as just being data/lua wrangling and not too hard. The getting the results back to CMANO is the bit I have no idea about, so keen to learn more about that end as I play it, i.e. check out what Baloogan did for MP etc, as there might be a way.



Modeling and cataloguing not just the plane, not just the model, not just the block number, but the current modifications, upgrades, and arrangements standard for a given year? Superb!

Also, thanks for the overlay tutorial, @Cygon_Parrot !




Slowly out of thread.

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Ok, cool.

How much manual control do you gents use on mission units? Do you just let CMANO do it’s thing, or do you actively change altitude/speed/EMCON all the time?

Talking of which, this puppy has a lot of settings. I get the weapons free/hold, but how often/much do you use the settings, i.e. what’s not obvious about this? I already got burnt by units that I thought would return to base after a Shrike attack but stuck around trying to use personal pistols from the cockpit to a SA-9 etc.


Do you guys tend to play with the sounds on or off?


I’m finding I need to mess with EMCON and Weapons Release parameters all the time, especially for dumb bombs.

I.E. I’m assuming you’re talking about the A-7’s in the Air Warfare tutorial that have Shrikes and CBUs?

When they dispense of their Shrikes on radars that are emitting they then smell blood and close in a furious rage to drop their clusterbombs. Pretty sure you can mess around with the weapon state to tell them to stand-down after they use their Shrikes.

Alternatively, depending on what mission type you used to attack, one might be winchester, and the other might have Shrikes… but nobody might be emitting, so they either head to bop around the perimeter you defined for a SEAD mission or the last known target position.

Off with my own soundtrack or chatting with people on VOIP. There’s a mod on the CMANO forums that supposedly improves the quality.


Generally I try and let CMANO do it’s thing. I will generally avoid tweaking altitude/speed settings. Depending on the scenario EMCON is something I’d flicker like a light switch (in scenarios where, you have stealth, for instance choosing when and when not to emit is key).

I will unabashedly micro manage my CAP and ASW assets when the fight gets frantic. I’ve found my Tomcats have a nasty habit of picking a target on the opposite side of the furball, and then flying through five or six WEZs to engage it while I’m sitting in the CIC pulling one of these numbers.

So I will re-task them with targets closer afield. I will also generally take manual control of any sort of surface-to-surface missile engagement, I don’t like the ships habit of firing less than ALL the missiles. I generally try and let ground attack aircraft do their own thing, only stepping in when absolutely necessary or to give them explicit targeting instructions.

For me I usually tweak the RTB state for my CAPs. I have had numerous occasions where a standing CAP will expend all their medium range missiles will turn and sedately head home. Meanwhile the surviving MiG-29 of that flight they just shot up is furiously burning for them at Mach 2 set on avenging all his friends. For strikes unless they’re using PGMs in a low threat environment, I prefer one pass haul ass.


Alright, through incidents which in no way involve me getting impatient and shooting down an airliner, my previous save game is no longer viable. Ergo, let’s have another crack at it, from the top.

No fooling around this time.

  1. 0200Z: AWACS takes off immediately and gets into station at the border.
  2. 0208Z: A Buccaneer with recon cameras takes off and immediately heads in for a low-altitude pass. It’s 4:00 AM local time but, whatever, maybe someone left the lights on.
  3. 0210Z: A four-ship of Phantoms, Peter Flight, lifts off to sweep for fighters. ROE is “no engagements on anything not confirmed hostile”, so they’ll need to close to visual range to verify targets with the Mk. 1 eyeball. This presents an interesting dilemma in that my huge advantage is my BVR capabilities and radars, which would provide nice, quick eliminations before the MiG-21’s can close in for a not-so-certain knife fight. This leads me to…
  4. 0215Z: A two-ship of Lightnings launches to hold in the patrol box while the phantoms investigate anything within the killbox. Should the Phantoms confirm targets, the Lightnings will close as fast as they can.
  5. 0220Z: A SECOND two-ship of Lightnings launches to do the same thing.

And we’ll see where things evolve from there.


0224Z / 04:24 Local - Mere minutes from crossing the border. All is quiet so far, though the Shackleton is lagging behind just a tad, preventing good vision around and behind the target city…

First bogey. It’s fast, and right near a SAM. We go further…

The next bit happened fast.

The fighter sweep encountered a bunch of fast moving airborne contacts, some correlating with radar emissions, others silent. Unsure about civilian air-traffic, I decide to close in to take a look.

…Until suddenly our leading element is threatened by a contact which turns straight into him. I decide to mark it “Hostile” (Keyboard Shortcut: H)…

Which ended up being a pretty good guess.

The next few minutes of combat are a blur of fury with missiles and gunshots being slung with little regard to anyone’s safety. Looking at the expenditures tab…

SIDE: United Kingdom

1x 20mm/85 SUU-23/A Gun Pod Burst [100 rnds]
2x 30mm ADEN Mk4 x 2 Burst [60 rnds]
16x AIM-7E2 Sparrow III
9x AIM-9D Sidewinder
4x Red Top

SIDE: Uganda
6x MiG-17F Fresco C
6x MiG-21MF Fishbed J

44x 14.5mm/73 Twin Burst [20 rnds]
1x 23mm Gsh-23L Burst [40 rnds]
24x 37mm/63 M1939 [5 rnds]

…We can see this was a rather costly exchange for the Ugandans.

End result… we got our recon


Love it!

What do the ‘locks’ on the awacs reference points mean?


So you got better once you stopped caring what the ground looked like. You engineers are all alike.


Any reference point can be locked, which simply means that to move it you have to unlock it first.

In Aero’s example, an inadvertent move of the RP could be dire for the Shackleton. If that’s where you want it, lock it.


Hah! Think we’ve all felt that! :grinning:

Well, when you find your feet a bit more in it, there’s always this…

Apart from a scan through it previously, I put it on the shelf as something to look forward to. Interesting, for the above purposes might be the Tool_DumpEvents() function, and then a custom interpreter to convert data to a DCS scenario. Who knows?

But I’ll leave it here, just the same. Someone might take it on…


Not sure if right place to post this but if anyone is reading this post and wants to buy CMANO and is put off by the price, it is currently 65% off in the steam sale and combined with chains of war it is 59% off


Picked this up over the holiday sale, info you guys provided will be very useful as I slowly start to approach it. Thanks.

Update: …and promptly had my sub sunk in the tutorial.


When they ask you how many F-111s you want and you reply “The @Bogusheadbox Amount”


I can see this become 2018 Mudspike meme.


This game is on sale right now, including all it’s DLC… Someone help me out and tell me what to get and if the base game is just fine :stuck_out_tongue:


Base game is fine. The DLC are scenario packs and you won’t have need of those until you are done learning the ropes. This might take a while. CMANO is not a simple or user friendly bit of software. Think of bussiness software that is crufty as heck but used for entertainment. This is part of the appeal :nerd_face:




But the sense of achievement when you get a major victory… Is awesome