Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations GOTY


I can highly recommend the Northern Inferno stand-alone addon. It is a fantastic campaign about a 1970s WWIII.


Well, I’ve got the base game, I am sure I’ll have plenty to do before a nexy slytherin sale hits!


@fearlessfrog I searched for existing threads here but this didn’t show up. Is the search working okay?


Yes, it’s working, no worries.

It just originally used ‘CMANO’ as the title for the old thread rather than ‘Command: Modern etc’, but I changed the old thread title to be more descriptive and help future searches.


CMANO’s great fun if you take some time to get comfortable with it. It goes from totally bewildering to comfortably murdering three Soviet SAGs while punching Syria in the face way quicker than you fear.


I do hope so, I loved @bunyap2w1 video series which put the game on my list way back!


Aww, thanks man. :slight_smile:

I actually just fired it up for the first time in over a year today. I’m still hoping for the ‘time on target planner’ they had in development that will eventually make pre-planning air strikes more intuitive. It is the best thing available by far for playing out hypothetical situations, even in its current state.

These are the two series that are most representative of the current state of the software. These don’t even touch on the naval warfare aspect at all which is really its bread and butter. I’m sure @Navynuke99, @Hangar200, or @klarsnow could tear most scenarios to shreads.


Plus the new CMANO Submarine DLC unlocks in about 7 hours as well. :slight_smile:


It uses standard GCCS-M symbology…which is way better than the real world NFN system they tried to foist on us last decade…cute little ship, sub and airplane shaped icons…a travesty.

I wish I had seen the look on those in the program office when they read the message I sent that essentially said “get this piece of junk off my ship”.



128 Missiles fired at this single SAG. The Sov, it would seem, cannot take a hint.


I like that there is a NATO designation for a Soviet naval anti-ship cruise missile called ‘Shipwreck’. Seems a bit fatalistic, I would have gone with something happier like ‘SillyString’ or ‘Sausage’. :wink:


A sign of respect. the Granit’s a big, fast missile that’s got all sorts of nasty tricks.


Well, it’s no ‘Satan’ or ‘Scapel’ or even ‘Sizzler’ but if it was really any good I’d like to mess with them and still go with SillyString anyway. :slight_smile:


Maybe this is more up your alley then :smiley:




Hello Dimitris - are you the Dimitris from WarfareSims?


The Plot Thickens


Yes, that’s me.


Well, as you can see, we enjoy CMANO here, so thanks for making it and welcome to Mudspike :mudspike:


Thanks. Looking forward to helping anyone who may need a hand.