Commanders Log---Star-date 3304...err 3305 (An Elite Dangerous AAR)


That eclipse shot… :love_letter:

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TIme to set off to Betelgeuse

Came across another one of these T stars an M star. These 2 appear dang near equal.

Came across this A star with a Gas Giant in close orbit


I decided to hide this just in case anyone wanted to experience it for their self.

I arrived at Betelgeuse and Its a huge planet,

So this is kinda to show just how big this thing is, Im roughly 1000 LS away from the targeted Planet(which is bigger then Earth) and I 3000 LS away from Betelgeuse

I dont think i was ever not fuel scooping. It was an awesome experience. And definitely worth the trip.

So 7 jumps to home,

Came across these beauties

Finally after almost 3 month I made it home

Docked and ready to turn in some data

I landed with 21 mil in my account and after turning all my data in I have 190 mil. Well worth the trip for the sights alone, Will definitely go out again.

UP next I think a Kriat Phantom outfit for mining and maybe work some engineers


Been awhile, most my time was spent outfitting my new ship,

I give you the Catacylsm A mission running Krait Phantom.

I plan to fully upgrade almost everything on her if possible via Engineering. So I have lots of stuff to do to unlock the Engineers.

Im going for Qwent first which means I need to get in good with the Sirus Corp. For that I headed out to Avik

Got some cool screens enroute

Willows Grove Meadows, or something like that, An Agriculture station in Avik. Pretty neat and deadly, Got in close and wasnt expecting an attacking Viper, luckily i was able to flee before I died.

Current SOP is to get allied with Sirus Corp to unlock the Sirus Permit. Right now we are Friendly so a few more missions and we should be good.

As for more exploring, A trip to Sag A is upcoming, as the exploration bug is nipping at my heals,



I really love the Phantom because has more than a slight resemblance to the Millennium Falcon


While you’re doing that, keep an eye out for missions giving Modified Terminals as a reward - it can take a while to collect the required 25 once you do unlock Qwent

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Got in very good with the Sirius folks, which Unlocked Qwent for me. Got lucky and got 2 missions that offered 10 modular terminals each which means I only need 5 more, not so lucky on those five though,

So I abandoned Qwent and went to unlock Ryder, way easier, I did one mission for the Eurybia Blue Mafia and unlocked her, then I made two trips for 200 landmines and boom, ( not literally) we were making mods! Made enough modes to unlock Hera Tani. Had to get her 50 Kamitra Cigars, which are only sold 15 at a time, So 4 6 jump trips 12 jumps round trip. And we were good, I know have a G5 modifed power Plant,

I need to visit Dav’s hope to restock and then go back to Sirus to see if I can get 5 more Modular Terminals.

Some wonderful screens from my journey

Blue planet in the Sirius System

Currently Im waiting for the update to download so I can fly to Sirius


Flew to Sirius with 104 units of Polymers,which netted me a nice 500k profit.

Leaving Kuwemaki

Found a quick salvage mission with 7 Modular Terminals as rewards, once I finished that mission I went to visit Qwent. I now have a g3 power disturber (systems) and I have knowledge of all the engineers I want to use.

UP next I think I’ll be dabbling in a little black market trading to unlock the Dweller.


Doing a little Black Market trading, just helping some Imperial Slaves move around a bit

Leaving the Dweller,

THe dweller got quite a bit of work from me, I orignally went with a systems focused Power Distro, then I decided to go with a Weapons focused instead. However after sleeping on it I have settled on a Charge Enhanced with Cluster Capacitors.

Now I am on my way to do some laps around Dav’s Hope, So I can finish up with the Dweller.


I think I settled on the same thing for my Krait MkII - best compromise between speed of shields charging and boost capacity. Both of these have gotten me out of trouble recently :wink:

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Pretty game is pretty