Commanders Log---Star-date 3304...err 3305 (An Elite Dangerous AAR)


That eclipse shot… :love_letter:


TIme to set off to Betelgeuse

Came across another one of these T stars an M star. These 2 appear dang near equal.

Came across this A star with a Gas Giant in close orbit


I decided to hide this just in case anyone wanted to experience it for their self.

I arrived at Betelgeuse and Its a huge planet,

So this is kinda to show just how big this thing is, Im roughly 1000 LS away from the targeted Planet(which is bigger then Earth) and I 3000 LS away from Betelgeuse

I dont think i was ever not fuel scooping. It was an awesome experience. And definitely worth the trip.

So 7 jumps to home,

Came across these beauties

Finally after almost 3 month I made it home

Docked and ready to turn in some data

I landed with 21 mil in my account and after turning all my data in I have 190 mil. Well worth the trip for the sights alone, Will definitely go out again.

UP next I think a Kriat Phantom outfit for mining and maybe work some engineers