Commanders Log---Star-date 3304...err 3305 (An Elite Dangerous AAR)

Previously In 3304

Set off on my first exploring adventure. I have a DBX with a jump range of 36ish LY. I decided to visit Orion’s belt, well 2 of the stars in his belt. Mintaka and Alnitak. They were about 560 LY from my location. Alnilam( Epsilon Orionis) is way out there at 1260ish LY away.

Came in a little hot on a fuel scoop, No damage but a cool screenshot.

Arrived at Mintaka, Beautiful blue star

On one of the planets, such a beautful blue system.

Im currently in Alnitak. Chilling on the dark side of a planet in search of some resources for SRV fuel.

So far I have had a blast in the little exploring I have done. The new mechanics make it alot faster and IMO more fun.

Went back out to a green gas giant to confirm a report. Decided to jump to the next system over and map some planets. Came back and made 2 mil. So in my 2 little trips i have banked 4 mil plus. Not bad, and i have yet to discover anything but I have several first mapped planets to my name!

Looking into getting a engineered FSD, Never played with engineers but I think its time. I have both Farseer and Martook unlocked. Im leaning towards Martook because shes Independent and can get me in with Qwent

And some screens,

A little planetary exploration,

Fuel scooping

And a cool red star

Got my G5 engineered FSD!!! Wasn’t to bad, Lave worked excellent parked outside the space station and scanned after about 30 mins I had way more then enough wake data.

Then I needed to find Arsenic, This was a pain in the backside, I found a spot on Masszony 1 a a. Got 9 peices of Arsenic, which was the exact amount I needed up needing.

So I now have a DBX that can jump 58ish LY. I just set out on a 2000 ly journey to scan the stars. My goal is still to visit Alnilam( Epsilon Orionis ) however I have to get out there to get close to it. I cant get the route plotter to make a route to it. Hope fully this trip I can get close enough to get to it.

Some screens of my Engineering adventures

Heading out for a lap at Dav’s hope

Finishing a lap at Dav’s

Looking for Arsenic

On Masszony 1 a a getting some Arsenic

Heading into a crater

And awaiting my ship to return

Finally made it to Alnilam( Epsilon Orionis ) And for me it was worth it. I think I figured out why I couldn’t jump straight there, Seems alot of stuff in Barnard’s loop are permit locked. My route would have been straight through there.

Anywho, Jumped 2000 ly to the left(Sol and Sag A to your back) to Flyua Dryoae ZN-J b26-0 or somewhere around there, I forget to log into EDSM to track it.

Parked my ship there for the night

Not a bad view before falling asleep

Woke up and decided to see if I could plot a course to Alnilam( Epsilon Orionis ), and finally I could, 45 jumps and Ill be there. So off I set

Cool star

Cool water or Ammonia planet, Cant remember but Im leaning towards water

A heart attack coming out of hyperspace, When I come out of hyperspace Im always set up to go away from the star, When I came out of hyperspace all I saw was two giant stars on both sides, Luckily I split the middle with no damage.

Last star before Alnilam( Epsilon Orionis )

And finally I made it!!!

Thought I’d stop by the black hole, Kinda cool to see the light swirling around it.

It wanst what I was expecting but when I looked at the photo I could definitely see more of what was going on,

Next it was decision time, Head back or head out? I thought about heading back via Banards Loop, which is when I found out about the permit, So head further out it was.

I targeted Phroi Phoe AH-B d 14-8 2300ish ly away. And set off!

Found this awesome looking planet on the way,

After 52 jumps I made it to Phroi Phoe AH-B d 14-8. I found 2 land-able planets and figured Id go stretch my legs.

This planet was not land-able but looked damn cool.

The gas giant that planet and the other 2 are orbiting

Both land-able planets,

Decide to land on the smaller but more mineral rich orange planet. Got a pretty nice shot coming in for landing. If you look close enough you can see another planet also

Hell of a view from the surface, and its a great surface to drive on,

Great views from these 2 planets, So close and so cool

Parking for a bit,

Still undecided about my next move, 3000ly back to my home station. But why not go further out?

Exploring can be tedious and boring but its the cool stuff that makes it fun. Finding cool looking planets, close stars,and so many other awesome sights, makes it well worth it.

Quick question, How many systems can you hold before turning them in? Probably north of 150 right now.

So I decided to go further out. I was currently in the Elysian Shore region but just barley so why not keep on going. I plotted another 2000ish ly trip.

Got a beautiful shot leaving my current system,

A few jumps in and I finally found any ELW! Shame we cant land on it…

A few jumps later I got the itch to stretch my legs, So I landed and was going to go mine some surface minerals but this planet was to far from a little source, Dark no matter where I landed.

So I hopped back in my ship and got a cool shot of its sister planet,

A few uneventful jumps later I got to my final system, Hypoe Hypue UA-D d13-3. I found a landable planet with nothing on it but it gave me a chance to look over my ship and rest before planning the next jump.

So now the question became, keep going or come in…Well we are so close to Keplers Crest so lets go for it! I found a star 2000ish ly away, but couldnt plot a jump to it. I came in a little and found one about 1800ish ly away,

Course plotted and off we go…

Way out near the edge of the galaxy and I find an ELW!

I made it to Schadgeia HA-A d0 which is 8714.11 ly from my home in Kurunmatay, 8768.34 ly from Sol, and 34642.59 ly from Sag A

Found a planet to land on and rest for a bit

Looking to go further out, but stars are getting fewer and fewer. I got enough materials to get 9 fsd injections at 50% a piece. That would mean 4 jumps out and 4 back with an extra jump in case of trouble. Might look to cross into the Formidine Rift and then back to my home to cash in.


Stunning shots! How are you liking the new FSS and DSS for long-distance exploring?

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Thank you!

I like them, but to be fair I never did much exploring before. I think the FSS will help get the galaxy map faster.

I think it’s kinda fun to bring up the FSS and see that line by earth like and rocky ice. And then it’s always fun throwing probes at planets. All though the dss is still time consuming since you have to fly to that planet, which in all fairness is good.

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Absolutely gorgeous screenshots! What ship class is that you are flying?

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That is a diamondback explorer. With a G5 FSD.



Man the range on that thing is incredible! Might have to purchase and fit out one of those myself.

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Worst part was the grind to get the Engineered FSD. But its a cheap awesome ship. Runs very cool too. When im scooping i sit at 65% and once I fly away im back down to 35% heat. Fairly agile too, I have escaped a few NPC interdiction attempts with her. I think max jump range in game is 80 and thats the anaconda with Max engineered FSD and a guardian FSD. However the DBX cost just a bit more then the insurance cost of a Anaconda. SO if its bang for your buck you want, the DBX is the ship for you.

To be honest its the best 11 mil I have spent so far.


Well I decided to go further out, I plotted a course to Groeg LK-E c25-0

Leaving Schadgeia HA-A d0

36 uneventful jumps later, Mainly found M stars, I arrived at Groeg LK-E c25-0. I picked a planet and headed to it, Pretty blue valleys

Got into the SRV to do a drive around to make sure the ship is all good,

Then I went out to collect some materials, This spot had a bunch,

Allready looking to go further out, Found a nice grouping of 3 stars, 2 K and one M about 2000ly out. So it would appear im going to keep going further out.


Route plotted and off we go

First jump and this bad boy pops up, a nice ELW

A few more jumps in and another ELW

10 more jumps and another ELW, Have i hit the ELW jackpot???

12 jumps form the end and another ELW, Defiantly getting jumped by pirates when I get back to the bubble, it wouldn’t surprise me if the pirates are making their way to me now lol

Made it to my planned system and found a landable planet

Off to go collect some minerals

Next up a 2000ish ly trip into the Formidine Rift and then we will turn back towards home.


Made the jump into the Formidine Rift. Pretty uneventful as far as discoveries go but had a couple close encounters with stars

A T star I do believe

Fuel scooping a Blue star

Came out of witch space in between these two heat balls

A few jumps later I fuel scooped off this star with its brother watching on

Up next 44 jumps to DRYAD AIM PS-U D2-4 as we turn and head back towards the bubble.


Made it to DRYAD AIM PS-U D2-4. Uneventful for the most part.

DRYAD AIM PS-U D2-4 has 3 stars and thats it,

This system got my heart pumping, 3 stars in very close proximity

Heres a video of the arrival, not for the faint of heart…

Up next another 43 jumps back towards the bubble. By my estimates im about 125 to 150 jumps from home.


I input Schadgaa-Dy-h C23-0 into the trip planner and set off.

43 planned jumps, which turned out to be 43 uneventful jumps. Nothing really worth noting.

Couple of close stars, They really make for a good photo.

An awesome Blue gas giant.

And finally my resting spot for the night

Up next 37 jumps to Hypou-Aim-Gf-R-D4 24


I’m really enjoying this thread @weaponz248

Could I ask a question? When you are choosing your destinations are you choosing at random or are you going to specific places for a specific reason?

You seem to find amazing stuff on your travels (like that giant blue dwarf, that is incredible) I was just wondering how you plan these amazing trips or if its more a case of zooming out a little bit on the galaxy map and picking a random dot.

Cheers :+1:

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Thank you!

I just pick a spot. So my method is simple, find a spot 2000 light years away and plot a route to it. 2000 light years keeps my trip to no more then 50 jumps.

When I first set out I had 3 specific stars I wanted to visit, Orion’s Belt, I didnt anticipate enjoying the journey as much as I did. So my original plan was just to go to those three and come back home but I kinda enjoyed just flying across the galaxy and seeing stuff.


Wicked! I assumed it was along those parameters.

I want to do a similar thing once I have an explorer ship built and fitted out.

Thanks for the response :+1:


Set off to Hypou-Aim-Gf-R-D4 24

Lots of T and Y stars, Almost ran out of fuel. Had that panic moment of oh crap Im stuck. Pulled up the galaxy map and found this star at the edge of my last drop of fuel,

Set off again, Never a good thing when the route planner shows your current start as the fuel star…

Once my fuel got to about 1/3 of a tank I started looking for fuel stars, Found this A star

As I continued on more fuel stars popped up, which made for a less nerve racking journey.

Came across this L star

Then I came across this gas giant, Its light purple but due to it orbiting a very small M star the lighting wasnt good

Made it to Hypou-Aim-Gf-R-D4 24 and found this beauty to park by for the night, Had hot spot int he rings too, but I have no mining gear, Maybe that will be my next journey…

As of right now we are 6000 light years away from Betelgeuse, So I got 3 more trip chucks before Im done with this journey.

UP next 2000ish light years to Hypheerld Ip-G C27-7


You could avoid the fuel star problem by setting the route planner to only select scoopable stars. You might miss out on some pretty T type stars though.


That’s 3rd on my list to visit! I’ll be very interested to see what’s there to see if the trip Is worth it.

I’ve been doing a little research (without ruining things for myself) and I have some solid locations to visit. When I get my ship purchased and some explorer gear sorted I’ll pick your brain and see what you’ve already been too.

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Made it to Hypheerld Ip-G C27-7. Fairly uneventful trip. More interesting fuel situations for the first half.

I did manage to find this beauty during a search for a fuel star

Other then that ELW nothing really interesting, Lots on T and Y stars. @HavlokUK I thought about doing that but you really do miss out on some stuff. I Really wish the planner could figure it out for you.

Sitting and planning my next trip to Oochost XG-S D5-5. Almost home…


So I set of to Oochost Xg-S D5-5, 45 jumps to get there.

Lots of T and Y stars at the beginning.

First fuel star was interesting, Never seen a T star that close before

Nothing special just having fun being an eclipse,

Made it to my destination, Was filling up the old fuel tank and happened to see 2 stars off in the distance

Decided to “park” it here for now,

Up next 35 jumps to Betelgeuse and then on home!