Commando books

Anyone in the UK remember these from when they were a kid? I used to love them with all the ww2 stories in comic strip format.

I was mentioning them to my other half the other week and had been looking for them in shops but couldn’t find them and then walked into WHSmith in the metro centre and there were 4 of them! Had to get them it’s brought my childhood back to me :smiley:

I don’t know if they were available in other countries though?


unbelievable… last Saturday, the wife pointed these out to me in WH smiths … but i must admit they were not my choice of comic … Now if we start talking about 2000ad …

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Ah yes 200AD! I got that every Saturday morning. Strontium Dog was my favourite and of course Dredd :smiley:

Rogue trooper…followed by Dredd and strontium dog :grin:

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Forgot about Rogue Trooper! There should have been a film of that, although from what they did with the game maybe it’s best left in the comic lol

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Remember Commando though must have been really young and they were probably old copies for 5p from fete stalls.

Only story that comes to mind was one about a Lancaster crew where the pilots keeps getting blamed for weird things happening during each mission that nearly kills them.

I am less inclined to bother with kids TV / books from when I was young because the nostalgia factor dies pretty quickly when you see how bad they were.


I don’t actually remember any of the stories just the excitement of getting a new one. I used to go to the second hand comics stall at the local market on a Saturday and spend my pocket money of these and various marvel comics. Can still remember the smell of the comics now :slightly_smiling_face:

I know what you mean about nostalgia and I’ll probably be left thinking that it’s not as good as I remember but it’s good to try lol


Same here…

You can get reprints in books now… it’s like your 12 years old again….


I had more than a few Commando stories when I was a lad. I’m surprised they are still publishing them.

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I didn’t know that! Thanks I’ll look out for these :smiley:

I didn’t think they would still be around either.

My old boss used to moonlight writing stories for them. Major Alaisdair Maclean (not the author).