Community A-4 Skyhawk EFM Flight Review

As the community A-4 mod matures, I wanted to do a review of their progress made on a custom External Flight Model. This flight model will bring a realistic dynamic to an already outstanding FREE mod to DCS World. Please keep in mind it is still work in progress, and since this video was first started, a new update had been released. I had a ton of fun putting this together, let me know if you want to see more reviews like this! Enjoy!

Mods used in this Video:
Community A-4 Skyhawk - Community A-4E Project | The Community Repo for A-4E-C and its Official Submods
Link to their Discord -
AH-6 Helicopter EFM Demo - Helicopter EFM Demo - DCS Mods - ED Forums
AH-6 Liveries - AH-6J Vietnam
Virpil VPC Object Mod - VirPil.COM - VPC-Airfield Equipment for DCS World


Wow, you put a ton of effort into this. Kudos!

The journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step, as the saying goes, and when I try to start something like this I look at the first step and say “yeah, I’ll probably pull my back out stepping that high, better not.”

Props to you for doing what so many of us wish we had time and patience (and no small amount of talent) to do.


Fook’n awesome bud! The grin that put on my face nearly split it in half :wink:


Thank you! What’s disappointing is I originally had a remix of Steppenwolf’s “Magic Carpet Ride” there, but YouTube decided that was too spicy. I was lucky enough to find a “Doors-esque” royalty free song that worked in its place!


Song reminded me of Iron Butterfly


Thanks for the review, and nice work!
I haven’t given the A-4 a real try for years (wasn’t too happy with the SFM) but after your review I’ll try it again.

Watched it yesterday. Nice work! Well put together. And SO glad you didn’t do a "What if " video.

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Phenomenal Sport, and can’t agree enough about the A4.

Well done, Sport!

Yeah…sorry I missed this…fantastic video!

Yo @Freak bro, check this out:

Goes well with:


That is awesome! I love the “Koninklijke Marine” scheme and acting out fictional scenarios with the Karel Doorman.
Thanks for sharing

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