Community A-4E project updates

It is out now
Thought this link should be here for completeness.


Cool little plane, loving it. But is there training or something to go with it? I have no idea how to do anything with it but bore holes in the sky and fire the guns.

Gunzo Iron Hand certainly gets the blood pressure up! lol.

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I cannot find it now, but the devs have repeatedly linked to the A-4E/F NATOPS manual, which has been their main source for the systems development and is also the main manual for now.

Other than that, there is a number of tutorial videos in the above ED Forums post which should get you going relatively quickly

I’d really appreciate a link to that @freak if you could find it.

On a separate note can you a2a refuel with the A4?

Downloading as we speak. Cannot wait!

’ read before buy ’ :wink:

Non-Functioning Systems
In-flight refueling
Walleye Guided Missiles


Story of my life lol… Apologies

Nothing to apologize for, we are all like that sometimes. Surely exciting siming times we have :slight_smile:


Released! Updates here - DCS Community A-4E-C Mod

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