Company of Heroes 2

I’ll be around in like 30 or so. Definitely good to play at 8 latest.

I will be good for a round or two, maybe a bit after 8pm Eastern. Got some stuff that should take that long to finish, first.

The infamous adlabs ‘stuff’ :wink:

I’ll be there at 8:00.

prof bailed, adlabs not here… my life is in ruin!

Ruins, RUINS!

Yea sorry the “stuff” took an extra hour plus. But finally some good CoH2 in the end. On that one loss, I was feeling pretty confident with my Victory Point defenses. How easily I forget that a single Wirbelwind, Panzer, or flamethrower unit can flatten it all!


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I did not play very well last night for some reason. Was doing ok playing 1v1 but lost the rhythm a bit playing team.

Too caught up in specific battles and then lost some units elsewhere and ended up getting overrun. Plus retreating units and forgetting thinking they were dead when really they were drinking some.beers back at hq while the war raged on…

Hahah, and in that same game where you forgot all those units were retreated to base…

I kept wondering why I was at Pop 65/100 yet had no units left. They were all at a rally point over past your base, I guess I had mistakenly set it there while moving some support units over that way.

I only discovered those units after seeing all the unit icons across the top of my screen, and double clicked one. There they stood idle, with about 5 or 6 unit groups total. lol!

Explains why we lost so many points along the front lol

I am around!

I’m shooting for a couple rounds tonight, gonna be 30 to 45 minutes though.

Be playing until about 820 ( 50 mins).

Anybody around for some CoH2 tonight (ahead of/after R6)?

I’m looking to keep working on that new strategy that I failed with last time. Improving my transition to mid/late game needs practice.

I’m around tonight. Not sure how early. Not playing r6.

paging @adlabs6 @saghen @Prof

Yea, last night ran way late. I should be good for a couple rounds tonight after 10pm Eastern, though.

paging @adlabs6

Bah… Still couldn’t make it.

Tomorrow should be good.


If you can pick a time, I’ll be there as well. :slight_smile:

Tonight I’m going to set aside 9pm Eastern for my play. Should be good for an hour or two.