Company of Heroes 2

Thread for our (my) new (old) obsession.

Hoping to play a match or two (or coop scenarios) tonight.

@adlabs6 @saghen @Prof

I’m looking forward to it. Still not got the download complete, though. This is huge and will take me a while.

I need to practice a bit in COH 1 this weekend.

I was just thinking about reinstalling CoH1. How is 2 compared to 1?

I prefer 1 over 2 and use Blitzkrieg mod exclusively

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I wasn’t asked but Yeah, me too!

Yesterday we discussed having a game of Company of Heroes 2 tonight. (Sun. Mar 3). Who would be interested ? Also what time ; 8:00 pm EST or 9:00 EST. I can be there either time. :slight_smile:

I’m def in. Just not sure what time I’ll be there

I’m good, either 8 or 9 eastern. I’ll keep my eye on this thread for updates.

I played my first game along with saghen last night. A definite change from CoH1.

Alright then … lets make it 8:00 pm EST. ! :slight_smile:

I’m good for 8

I’ll be there!

A screenshot with a few marking on how you can handle buildings at your US Forces base, even when you are elsewhere on the map. Probably similar with other factions, but I’ve not tried.

Key point: Clickable (or hotkey) tabs for each building. Notice how the tab icon matches the building type. The current tab shows what you can build with that building, and what Upgrades are available, plus the Queue of what’s currently being built.

Support Weapon Sheds They have a little icon depicting what kind of weapon they offer, and the Ammo cost. You’ve got to unlock these to make them work (see in the screenshot, the green line points from the upgrade button). Once they are active, select a nearby infantry unit, and then right click (IIRC) on the desired shed to arm your unit with that support weapon. The weapon icon will appear on them, when they’ve got it.

Using these, I am rarely jumping around the map to view/interact with my base. And since I can even set the rally point for each base (select a base and press right click to drop it’s unique rally point flag), I can have new units arriving exactly where they are needed.

Finally, a useful link which gives an overview of the US Forces (and others, if you click around), and the US Forces tech trees which each base building contains:


Good info. I’m down tonight.

FYI while the one button unlocks the bazooka and the 60 munitions cost rifle (BAR I think?), the 70 cost rifle is only available via specific commanders and then unlocks when you reach like 3 command points.

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Thats really helpful, thanks for that Ads !

Hope we can get a 4 player going tonight!

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Yea, I’ll be in for sure.

I’ll be around soonish

Same, 10 or 15 minutes.