Computer Case

Hi, can anyone recommend a good airflow case for a Z390 MB with an I7 9900K cpu?

There are so many out there and was wondering what you guys are using and what works.
Like to get a Mid Tower size one.

Thanks in advance,

Haha with a name like that, one without too much grilles and stuff :stuck_out_tongue:
I wouldn’t know. I think almost any case is as good as the next one. I use a very old Antec 1200. Huge fugger. Designed by Darth Vader. Big ol’ fan up top. Lasted me through at least two motherboards now.

Welcome to the spike @dustman! :mudspike:

One of the Meshify series perhaps? Should have outstanding airflow.

I spec’ed a Coolermaster H500 , largely on the basis of a vid by Gamers’s Nexus , in which they tested 10 (i think) cases for cpu and gpu cooling (Air) . It came in 1st on one and third on the other .
With an ambient of 76F , a full-run test using Realbench and Afterburner showed 60C on a 9700k at 4.8 (turbo) with a Noctua NH-D15S . Haven’t overclocked the cpu yet as it would be pointless until i replace my gpu (1070) .

I’ve been really happy with my CORSAIR Crystal 460X. It is quiet, well made, and looks cool.

That thing looks like it could up and fly away lol.

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Hey thanks everyone for the suggestions. I will check out the ones mentioned.
There sure is a lot of cases to choose from today.
Thanks again everyone.