computer parts (almost all) in for a hefty price hike

Us fed government clamping down on imports. Interesting watch. Up to 25% price increase

TL;DR. It may be beneficial to buy now (if you are thinking about it) as items currently in stockpile inside the US should not be affected (unless retailers use this as an opportunity). Tarrifs apply to imports coming into the country.

Whilst this mostly affects those in the US, it could have repercussions in Europe as well

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But there is the other side on cost vs new technology coming out like Raytracing and Intel’s next Gen CPUs.

So I will wait instead of building another extreme gaming machine now for sim’ing/gaming.

It could get even worse than just price increase also not forgetting DCS is still in BETA State and final PC specs are not released…allot to think of…best wait is my advice see what happens.

Retail stores always have EOFY and XMAS specials as well on gaming machines there is that path to take.

Where the special price is what passes as retail price the rest of the year…

DCS will be forever a moving target.

The old paradigm of alpha state, beta test and gamma release, then some post release support and on to 2.0 is over for much of the games industry.

The new thing is continuous forever development sustained through (micro) transactions. DCS itself will (hopefully) continue to grow and evolve, while modules are released like standalone titles used to, and even those have shifted their paradigms from beta test/release/post-release patches to early-access/release.

Edited out politics.

Edited out politics.

Problem is China is resisting with counter reactions, so I’m just hoping they all behave and play fair so we can continue to build awesome gaming systems or else we are in trouble. :sob:

I would love to see low and reasonable pricing especially on Tech and PC products… that are produced on high volume e.g ASUS or GIGABYTE co’s so on.

So…what I’m hearing is probably not a good time to upgrade from my 386? Bummer. :frowning_face:


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