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I need to replace a power supply in one of my Lenovo computers, a Model 90BG, to fix it but I am having trouble finding a compatible replacement unit. I also want to upgrade from a 180 watt to a 350 watt or higher unit so I can add a second HDD and be reasonably assured that I will not have any power issues.

The current power supply is:

Huntkey Model: HK280-25FP Rev. 01 switching power supply
AC Input: 100-127V/200-240V 50/60 Hz 6/3A

It is a 180 watt unit that has a 14 pin and a 4 pin connector that connect to the mother board and the other wires are hard wired inside the unit.

The substitute power supply that is linked on that page is not available either.


Hi, in desktop PCs i never ever recommend buy branded full PC’s, they usually have non standard PSU and motherboards that is really hard to get surplus pieces after a while when released. They do that drty tricks to you be obligated and hooked to the brand when you want to do repairs or upgrades, the same with cars small pieces, but because in cars market its a huge market, exist more storage of pieces for surplus and also some white brands copying and providing compatability.

In this PC market that kind of PCs is diferent world and phylosophy so after whenn they decide that that pc is old (and is more fast than you want) some custom pieces are not available anymore.

If the dimensions of a more standard PSU fits in your case, you can try to get a “normal” PSU and use an adpater like this one:

Exist many adapters on the market

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Seems I got lucky regarding the Power Supply size. I pulled it out and measured it and it was 86 x 150 x 100mm. I found a 600 watt one at best buy that is 86 x 150 x140 that will fit since the 100 mm dimension is not a limiting factor. It has the standard 24 pin connector so the adapter you linked is going to be necessary. Thanks for the help. :sunglasses:



New Power Supply unit installed.

Snug as a bug in a rug.

I forgot to take a picture before removing the original power supply unit but this picture gives a good size comparison of each units length