Concorde + Kai Tak...what's not to love?

@EinsteinEP - You’ll love this…

That Kai Tak approach was no joke either. Can’t imagine doing it in something as sporty as the Concorde!


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I guess plenty of thrust, but can’t be fun with that big nose and tiny windows!

I remember taking out the checker board or getting that last turn so wrong a few times in FS 2000 (I think that was the one that had Kai Tak in it first). What a nightmare approach in a heavy…

Great vid, @BeachAV8R! Yeah, that approach looks challenging. Luckily that ogee wing givesgave the Concorde decent low-speed handling characteristics. Vref depended on landing weight, of course, but 160 knots wouldn’t be unusual.

Would be fun to try this approach in the Concorde X - I’ll have to see if I can find a Concorde route to use.