Condor 2 (Soaring Simulator) released

Hi all, not sure if there’s many soaring pilots here, but i was astounded to see Condor 2 has recently been released:

Condor: Soaring Simulator was released in 2005 and I (and pilots i knew) flew it for years for training and entertainment purposes. They released plane pack DLCs and there was a strong community making third-party scenery for free or commercially (some of it pretty good); and there is a strong multiplayer racing community too.

For maybe the past decade there’s been talk of a Condor 2 and I’d check in on the forum from time to time, to see if any progress had been made (never expecting any - seemed like vaporware) but blow me down, this weekend I saw videos!

Its not cheap - 49.99 Euro and from what i can see its more like Condor 1.5 - no VR support, no 6DOF and some fairly low-poly models, but there’s been some improvements to the weather model, especially visible lenticular clouds which really help with wave flying; and clouds casting shadows on the ground, which makes quite a visual difference; but worth a look if you are into soaring.

No demo i don’t think… but good news for gliding pilots. Here’s a video from a Steel Beasts player I know, if you want a taste - he flies well!



That looks like a perfect experience for VR, I hope they implement it and I’d probably buy then.

2.0.1 patch released - fixes some weather model things and adds a Piper Super Cub towplane; and the devs have announced work has started on VR!

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Our soaring operation has had this in the office for years. I think it’s a common fixture in glider clubs and business. That might explain the late adoption of features like TIR and VR.

Fast forward to 2020 :slight_smile: and yes, it is the perfect experience for VR! I think Condor 2 has come a long way over the last two years and I’m really starting to fall in love with it. So much to learn.

I’m branching off of @smokinhole’s excellent Condor2 - AAR From a Sim You’ve Likely Never Heard Of thread to maybe take a new tack on the subject.

“I was lookin’ for lift in all the wrong places” :slight_smile: … here’s me (noob) training in the Sierra Nevadas trying to gain some height to cross my first turnpoint …

For training purposes I’m actually forgoing VR right now and instead using TrackIR 5 and the excellent & free XCSoar PDA app on my tablet since Condor 2 looks and performs just incredibly in 4K!!!

Condor 2 also has great multiplayer support so lets get racing Mudspike! :sunglasses:

I’d go as far as saying it is now my favorite sim to fly in VR. I particularly like the Alps scenery, which is a free addon. I love DCS and X-Plane…but I haven’t spent much time with them at all since I gave Condor 2 a try.

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Wow, strong endorsement! :+1:

I’m dumbfounded as to the lack of interest in this purest form of flight! I guess I’m biased as I grew up thinking soaring was the sh*t. I remember when my dad took my sister soaring while I was at summer camp or whatever. I was so jealous.

Later on one winter I built an RC glider (6 foot wingspan) and had a blast ridge soaring it the following summer. Caught a thermal now and again … could fly it for hours. Some years later I did my glider pilot ground school at a nearby University of Toronto campus. I flew a ride along at the York Soaring Association just days before I got married. That was the end of that dream LOL! Just kidding … marriage is great fellas! :slight_smile:

So ya, I’m really stoked about flying virtual sailplanes now!

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Oooo, AA2 v0.7 was released today as well as a new Condor Updater v1.3.7441. Hard to believe over 100 landscapes are available to download.

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I’m definitely going to need an additional HHD or SSD.

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