Condor 2 (Soaring Simulator) released

Hi all, not sure if there’s many soaring pilots here, but i was astounded to see Condor 2 has recently been released:

Condor: Soaring Simulator was released in 2005 and I (and pilots i knew) flew it for years for training and entertainment purposes. They released plane pack DLCs and there was a strong community making third-party scenery for free or commercially (some of it pretty good); and there is a strong multiplayer racing community too.

For maybe the past decade there’s been talk of a Condor 2 and I’d check in on the forum from time to time, to see if any progress had been made (never expecting any - seemed like vaporware) but blow me down, this weekend I saw videos!

Its not cheap - 49.99 Euro and from what i can see its more like Condor 1.5 - no VR support, no 6DOF and some fairly low-poly models, but there’s been some improvements to the weather model, especially visible lenticular clouds which really help with wave flying; and clouds casting shadows on the ground, which makes quite a visual difference; but worth a look if you are into soaring.

No demo i don’t think… but good news for gliding pilots. Here’s a video from a Steel Beasts player I know, if you want a taste - he flies well!



That looks like a perfect experience for VR, I hope they implement it and I’d probably buy then.

2.0.1 patch released - fixes some weather model things and adds a Piper Super Cub towplane; and the devs have announced work has started on VR!

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Our soaring operation has had this in the office for years. I think it’s a common fixture in glider clubs and business. That might explain the late adoption of features like TIR and VR.

Fast forward to 2020 :slight_smile: and yes, it is the perfect experience for VR! I think Condor 2 has come a long way over the last two years and I’m really starting to fall in love with it. So much to learn.

I’m branching off of @smokinhole’s excellent Condor2 - AAR From a Sim You’ve Likely Never Heard Of thread to maybe take a new tack on the subject.

“I was lookin’ for lift in all the wrong places” :slight_smile: … here’s me (noob) training in the Sierra Nevadas trying to gain some height to cross my first turnpoint …

For training purposes I’m actually forgoing VR right now and instead using TrackIR 5 and the excellent & free XCSoar PDA app on my tablet since Condor 2 looks and performs just incredibly in 4K!!!

Condor 2 also has great multiplayer support so lets get racing Mudspike! :sunglasses:

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I’d go as far as saying it is now my favorite sim to fly in VR. I particularly like the Alps scenery, which is a free addon. I love DCS and X-Plane…but I haven’t spent much time with them at all since I gave Condor 2 a try.

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Wow, strong endorsement! :+1:

I’m dumbfounded as to the lack of interest in this purest form of flight! I guess I’m biased as I grew up thinking soaring was the sh*t. I remember when my dad took my sister soaring while I was at summer camp or whatever. I was so jealous.

Later on one winter I built an RC glider (6 foot wingspan) and had a blast ridge soaring it the following summer. Caught a thermal now and again … could fly it for hours. Some years later I did my glider pilot ground school at a nearby University of Toronto campus. I flew a ride along at the York Soaring Association just days before I got married. That was the end of that dream LOL! Just kidding … marriage is great fellas! :slight_smile:

So ya, I’m really stoked about flying virtual sailplanes now!

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Oooo, AA2 v0.7 was released today as well as a new Condor Updater v1.3.7441. Hard to believe over 100 landscapes are available to download.

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I’m definitely going to need an additional HHD or SSD.

Wow, a landscape release hat trick in the world of simulated soaring today! Maroc Sud, Sweden and Essex released for Condor 2!

As always, you can grab 'em with your Condor Updater that you can get from here …

Oh nice … Afghanistan landscape released for Condor 2!

Now you can do some ridge soaring and lase targets for airstrikes practically undetected. :wink:

Just purchased Condor 2, both for education but also to have some fun. It’s the most immersive and true to life simulator I ever tried. Truly feels like I’m flying for real.

It really is a an excellent sim. I just wish that the devs would get their act together with implementing OpenXR. I’m not seeing any sense of urgency on that.

I was impressed at how well it simulated being on tow. For me that’s the acid test for a soaring simulator’s believability.


I almost forgot about this. I need to give it another go after I upgraded my rig and VR headset. It was fun enough on the old Odyssey Plus.

I haven’t quite got the hang of the terrain addons though. Not sure how to install those properly.

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