Controller Blasphemy: Battlefield Edition

Alright, topic of point is in the title.
I wanted to get back to Battlefield since I have had the urge to be on the ground rather than fly, and setting up a LMG or GPMG on a bipod is quite satisfying. That being said, I need to enlist some help of my fellow flight sim enthusiasts.

I come from Xbox and using a controller is a more ergonomic and casual experience that I enjoy. However, the player count on Xbox for BF4 is low - less than 250 a night it seems, and the only servers with population play Conquest. So I managed to buy it on PC on steam sale for $11.

However, I am having an issue with the controller support. Battlefield loves to pick my HOTAS as the controller to use. I have set the default controller in the Windows USB setup screen as the Xbox controller, and also in the Steam controller setup. This does nothing.

It seems the only way to get it to ignore the flight controls is to unplug everything else, but that is impractical with the desk setup and the wiring.

Google has not been much help as it seems nobody out there uses multiple controllers on their systems, so I was hoping someone here may have the answer. Xbox controller works fine in all other games that are available on Xbox without incident - such as the entire Borderlands series, Left for Dead and even Half Life 2 I think. The issue is solely in Battlefield.

I’m afraid I can’t help you with the controller person, as I play BF with a keyboard.

If you still can’t find all the servers you want on PC, I would suggest Battlefield 1. You can get the Revolution edition for cheap, which as all the DLC and according to steam charts, has a healthy player count. 7000 right now vs 1000 for bf4

Hey Wes, this works well for me and BF (and a few other EA games)

In the ‘Devices’ tab tick your HOTAS and then ‘Enable device hiding’.


I had that on Xbox as well - was pretty good at the start but what got me with that was how everybody gets a machine gun…in World War 1. I know they have to make it diverse and entertaining, but it seemed to kill the point of the setting.

This is genius @fearlessfrog, thank you!
I was worried for a moment I would have to remember to filter all the flight sims and set it correctly - but instead what I did was use the inverse mode to have it only block out Battlefield instead so no configuration needed for anything else.

I hate when we have to use a kludge of software to make something work properly - I’m sure you’ve had experience with dependency hell and the fun of dealing with a mess of plug-ins and mods. This one seems like a little gem though!

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I’ve had this with several games … it’s an absolute pain in the backside star wars squadron was my personal nemesis with controller issues … trying to get it configured for a hotas when the default is
a game controller…


This always frustrates me. It seems like all the EA and Ubisoft games lately latch onto my HOTAS and there is no way to get them to ignore it and default to the game pad or mouse/keyboard.

I’ve had some luck with devreorder. You just drop a file into the game’s root folder and it prioritizes the game pad and/or hides the HOTAS on a per game basis. It can be a little involved to set up but once it’s working it’s pretty convenient.