Copenhagen Suborbitals

Copenhagen Suborbitals is a non-profit, amateur based space endeavour,
funded entirely by private sponsors and donors. We build suborbital
space vehicles – designed to pave the way for manned space flight on a
micro size spacecraft, and on a micro size budget.

The main goal is to launch a manned space vehicle into a suborbital
trajectory, reaching a peak altitude beyond the Kármán line 100 km above
the surface of Earth, and subsequently landing the spacecraft safely.
To fulfil this mission, we design and construct a series of launch
vehicles and spacecrafts, as well as the necessary infrastructure to
launch, operate and recover the equipment.

Current Road Map:

2013 Project Overview:

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Posters note: With companies like Space X, ULA and Blue Origin making headlines on a weekly basis, it’s sometimes easy to forget about the up and coming people in the new space race. So I wanted to take some time to post about these guys and girls who are really working hard at an incredible goal.


Nexø I Rocket Profile and July 23rd 2016 Launch

Photo by Carsten Olsen

Replay of stream:

Countdown starts about 3:19:00

Copenhagen attempted a launch of their Nexø I rocket yesterday, shorty into the flight it lost power. Proliminary ideas are that it got fed too much LOX. They were able to recover the rocket very quickly.

Preliminary impressions from Nexø I flight event (CopSub Official)

(image sources Nexø I Press Kit)


Nexø I flight animation

A Danish blog discussing the results of the flight:
Google Translated Link
Original Danish Link

I’ll admit I haven’t had a chance to read the whole thing, but it looked interesting.

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I definitely needs a Kerbal graphic in somewhere on that display…

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An update of sorts, Copenhagen Suborbitals has not stopped working since the last post which was quite a while ago I see.

So first off, continued tests of the BPM5 engine, below are some recent videos and the info page for the engine that has tones of information on it.

BPM5 Engine Test: (About 1:51:00 in to see the engine fire.)

Next up, making the eventual manned portion of it survivable,

Finally the building of the next rocket itself, Nexo II.

Part of Nexo II under construction, with it’s COPV showing.

Many upgrades and features being added to Nexo II:
Danish blog about Nexo II (translated)

One of the big features is the DPR system:

All in all I’m glad to see that CopSub is still at it, and I’m looking forward to seeing Nexo II fly, it’s quite incredible what they have accomplished and have planned for the future.

Copenhagen Suborbitals is on 4. and 5. April going to attempt to do 15 static test firerings of their BPM 5 Rocket engine with 6 different swirl injectors.

They are doing it to get data on which design to chose for the BPM 100 engine that will propel a human above the Carman line.

Announcement video here:

Livestream here from April 4 12:00 local time. (Denmark)

My videos from previous CopSub testings.

Happy Spacing


They have just finished installing the igniter for the first burn and are coming up on Fuel and then LOX loading.


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Go for LOX loading.

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Go/NoGo for first test

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Just about there.

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Awwww misfire.

Yeah, but loxloading is compleat and they are just about to go again. Ignitor has just been armed

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First burn completed :smile:


Run 2 LOX loading starting now.

Okay. 5 succesful burns so a good day.

2 of their new injectors tested today.

Hopefully the will get the last 4 tested tommorow.

Timestamps from the CS Youtube channel.

:rocket: TIMESTAMPS:
00:00​ - Intro
01:50:03​ - First Burn (Old Shower Head Injector)
03:36:19​ - Second Burn (New Coaxial Swirl Injector)
04:07:55​ - Third Burn (New Coaxial Swirl Injector)
05:42:28​ - Fourth Burn (New Coaxial Swirl Injector)
06:12:00​ - Fifth Burn (New Coaxial Swirl Injector)


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And they are Livestreaming again today. They currently seem to have some problems.

New link:

Happy Testing CS


On this occasion, let me tell you about another space endeavor Britain can be proud of. Skyrora was established a year later than Copenhagen Suborbitals, and also managed to achieve success. I see that these two companies have much in common. Skyrora manufacturers rockets and launch vehicles use eco-fuel Ecosene (perhaps someone heard about it). Moreover, they opened an internship, so that everyone can join the space industry and work with a promising company.

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I finally had the time to look at the day 2 stream and they have also posted about the first findings.

Timestamped streams:
Day 1, 5 burns

Day 2, 4 burns

First findings update.

So very cool!

Happy Spacing

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