Copy chucks guide checklists?

Hello. How you doing.

I created a free site for easy access to checklists for DCS (and other flight sims but starting with dcs)

That said I would like to copy over the checklists found in Chuck’s guides.
Is that something you all would allow? I would attribute them to chuck and can link back to the referencing guide in each checklist.

anyways my site is open source and can be found on github with all currently added checklists ( all from official dcs or 3rd party sources at this time)

Thanks for the time in reading this.


Welcome. Best of luck with your repository

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Welcome @kalabaddon ! Good initiative, I look forward to using your website.

I am just a user of this beautiful forum, let me tag a few people who can answer your question.

@staff is the tag you can use to notify the website staff, or you can message them under that name. @Chuck_Owl is the author of the guides, I am tagging him here so he gets a notification. He’s the one you need.


Ahh thanks I have only used this fourm style once before! that was very helpfull of you!

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Nice checklists! Are these just for quick checks? I looked through the Harrier ones and noticed they were missing nozzle angles etc.

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current site has only direct from manual. in those cases it is assumed you plug in the numbers from your pre flight planning

Since I will be adding other people’s checklists, some of them may have better in general guidelines for angle.

I also may edit the official ones to add mini charts to steps where you need to base it of aircraft configuration.

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Ah, I think Chuck’s Harrier guide is based off an old NATOPS manual where you have to calculate nozzle angle for STO, but the VMAT-203 manual supersedes that so the only thing that needs calculation is your NRAS–which is thankfully done automatically with the VREST page.

-STO should be 10° nozzles, rotate to 60° nozzles at NRAS.

-RVTO should be 30° nozzles, rotate to 70° nozzles at 110% RPM (third hex leg in the HUD)

-FNSL should be 60° nozzles STOL flaps, 8-10 units AoA (I don’t recall a speed mentioned)

-RVL should be 68-73° nozzles STOL flaps, 8-10 units AoA, 60kts GS (nozzles are adjusted between 68-73 to get that 60KGS).

-VNSL AUTO flaps I think is only for certain situations (malfunctions) IIRC, but should be 85% RPM, adjusting nozzles to maintain 8-10 units AoA, then once below 100’ AGL (if my memory is correct) you switch to throttle to control descent rate down to landing. VNSL is super hard so I’ve only done it once. VNSL STOL flaps is even harder than VNSL AUTO so I gave up on it lol.

got a link to that VMAT-203 or is it not public yet? would be willing to copy from it assuming it is easy to do and can put in military offical checklists as a catagory !!

Yep, it’s public! Here’s one link:

The relevant takeoff/landing stuff starts around page 2-21, but it also references NATOPS in some places.

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thanks, downloaded, I will look in to converting them over tomorrow when I am more bright eyed and bushy tailed.

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Hey Welcome!

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ya in general some of them are kinda wonky like in the m2000 it has the preflight in 3 sections just cause that was how it was in the documents and I didnt think to combine them since it was the first time I hit a checklist split in 3 like that.

Then the mig 19 all the checklists are a series of paragraphs. :stuck_out_tongue:

I been trying to add as many of the official ones I can and the only way I can do it and stay sane is minimal editing from my copy pasta ( at least till I get them all uploaded, then I will probably go back and clean them, depending on how the user submitted side ends up looking.)

so by adding user edited ones and asking people like chuck if I can use there existing work with proper credit I hope to get some stuff that has the legwork of editing to simplify already done. since the site is free and I will reference back that seems like the quickest way to get content up to assist users in the best possible manner.