Cormack McCarthy, RIP

My first favorite author. “All The Pretty Horses” is easily among the greatest westerns ever written. He was also refreshingly quiet and aloof. I know nothing about him. Did he have kids? Don’t know. Was he straight or gay? Don’t know. Did he grow up out west? Don’t know. That’s why he’s a hero and a lost national treasure. This country has more than enough over sharers.


I have never read the book but The Road is one of those movies that I really want to watch again… however, it is way too bleak and depressing.

I didn’t see the film but the book was a gut punch.

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That’s sad to hear. One of my favorites as well.

While The Road was incredible, I’ll also never read it again, especially now that I have children of my own.

No Country for Old Men is one of my favorite works, both the book and the movie.

The Counselor was an excellent screenplay, and Blood Meridian was one of the darkest things I’d ever read at the time. It’ll never be made into a movie because they just… can’t.


Loved that movie. Didn’t think about looking for the book. Next road trip perhaps the audio version will be on my list.

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Yes same here, might be 30 years ago I read Blood Meridian but I still remember scenes from it, particularly one where they’re trapped on top of a mountain and are trying desperately to make their own ammo. Never really read anything like it before, dark like you say and the violence was just unbelievable. Certainly made an impression.

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