Corona Poem

Its Samuel Jackson, so…

Yeah. :yum:

Language warning.


I never understood the thing with the bleeps?
Imagine Pulp Fiction without the cursing? No, just… no!

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Well, I had a dilemma. The version I originally came across was uncensored, and I thought it was hilarious. But years of habituation at other aviation sites has taught me that despite the over 50s demographic, many pearls are clutched at any signs of rude language.

The delete (and possible warning) would probably come only seconds after hitting the post button, as somebody somewhere squealed in horror and called for a mod.

My experience of this site is that you could likely handle it, but I didn’t want to take any chances, if I was wrong… :-/


Oh yeah, I know the rules here and a lot of other places, and it was no doubt the right version you chose to post. And it’s still quite good even with the beeps :smiley:

I just don’t get the concept of how inserting a bleep or writing “the F word” suddenly makes everything alright? It’s not like anyone is left to wonder what was really said or meant.
It’s probably a cultural/second language thing, seeing that the F word and a lot of other English curse words have become integrated in Danish language, and is widely used by everyone.

Danish was incomprehensible to me, before I went to flightschool, where there were more danes than any other nationality… You had to learn danish or be left out.
In the beginning I was stunned at the language and the different useage of the swear words. Swedes and Norwegians are by no means prudent in their language, but hearing a dane practically shouting ”oh shut your mouth” (hold da keft) or ”to hell with it” (nå for helvete) when talking to you, and realize that he was actually quite happy and approved of you…that took some getting used to…! :wink:


Haha, yeah, that might explain my confusion with all the damn beeping :rofl:


I like the way the friggin US navy handles it: creative use of near homophones (oh ducking sailors), synonyms (oh fornicating sailors) and innuendo (oh those spelunking sailors).

Good an proper invective is very much akin to poetry. You can use a simple set of words and let rhythm and rhyme carry the tune, or be flowery and artful in your choice of badly intended language.

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Poetry… words you should not say… hmmmm…