[Correction]Fatal SNJ Crash on Long Island, NY

I don’t have details but it is with sadness that I want to share the loss of a friend and coworker, Ken Johanson. Ken flew for the Geico SkyTypers, a formation aerobatic team flying T-6s and at least one SNJ, the crash airplane. In a video (not posted) he appears to have been unable to recover from a spin and crashed in a neighborhood. No one else was hurt. I flew with Ken several times before he switched to the 757. Prior to our airline he flew in the Navy. F-14 and maybe F-18. I can’t recal for sure.

Ken was a very likable guy with a generous smile and a laid-back vibe. I believe his father founded the team and may still fly a slot. Although I hope not. I don’t recall any of Ken’s ither family details. He was 52.

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My sincere condolences to you Smokinhole, I hope you are okay’ish!

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I’m so sorry to hear about that. Tragic no matter the circumstance, doubly so when the person is so well liked.

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Sorry to heat that, mate. I hope you’re doing okay too. Speaking from experience, it’s always tough to lose a friend at such a young age.

Indeed. Probably too soon to say this but I hope its not the end of the team. Ken helped choreograph an eye-popping sequence which made the T-6 appear to be a far bigger performer than it is. These guys do something no other group does. But that’s the future. For now they’ve lost a brother and a leader. Another friend, former Harrier guy and 737 captain, also flies for them. I don’t want to imply that Ken and I were close. Other than our past flights together and the occasional text we didn’t have a lot of contact. But when you fly as a crew you get very close for the few days you have together. Then once you block in, unfortunately, you forget everything about the other pilot. Ken left more of an impression than most.


Sad news. :frowning:

Gods, noes… I’m so sorry.:hushed:
Condolences. :disappointed:

I’m so sorry to hear about this. Condolences to the family and friends.

RIP. :frowning:

I corrected the title. The ALPA notice said Millville. News says LI. The Skytypers fly out of LI.