Corsair 4000D

Just had one of these delivered to replace my CoolerMaster MB501, which was good airflow case - dropped both my GPU and CPU temps by 10°C - but was very cramped for fitting the cables to my 6 SSDs and other stuff. Mostly the power cables that were under pressure due to lack of space between ‘walls’.

Looking at YouTube reviews it seems these were very popular in recent years (the 4000D) - so anyone got one and any recommendations for my installation?

Used this case for my brother’s recent PC rebuild. I would recommend the airflow edition, with the front mesh panel. Corsair includes filters as well, so the interior will stay nearly dust free.

I would pick white if possible, as a preference that while I like black cases - building in them sucks as lighting is awful. Working in a bright white workspace makes everything easier.

With a modular power supply, only affix the cables you need, attach them to the PSU first, then place the PSU in and route the cables, avoiding the HDD bays if you intend to use them. You can remove the HDD tray for initial PSU placement. Trying to plug the cables in to the PSU after install will be a nightmare.

Cable management is pretty good, just plan well and don’t firmly tie down anything until you are closed to finish. The rest will depend somewhat on what and how much hardware you are putting in there.

Don’t mind the loose SATA SSD, that was the old boot drive that was just there temporarily to pull some data off of it. Avoiding SATA drives and going all-in on M.2 NVMe where possible removes the need to the annoyingly long and bulky SATA power cables, as well as the SATA data cables.


Hi Wes, thanks for the input.

Yeah, I’ve been building my PCs (and others) since the early noughties, so do have plenty of experience of it - I also did tried to get the white version, but they are in very short supply because they are the more popular one. Corsair actually didn’t have one so I got the black one, which is currently cheaper direct from Corsair than on Amazon.
I did get the Airflow one - it’s sat next to me and I’m amazed how wide it is. Over 2cm wider than my MB501. I’ll be fitting the fully monty of fans. I have plenty of 120mm ones - decent makes, too. I had temperature sensor controlled ones originally, but stopped using them and switched to software controlled ones and now I have a control box that 6 of my 7 fans are plugged into. I’m not into the RGB thing, waste of time for me.

So I’ll fit 6 fans - and another reason I picked this one is because of the capacity for various radiators. I intend my next build to be water-cooled.

I’ll spend more time planning this time as you say - I got a bit frustrated with the amount of times I had to rearrange the MB501, with its limited space for cables. It’s not as good as they claim and I often found the SSD SATA power plugs were being forced one way or another and in any case were very difficult to fit securely. Shouldn’t be such an issue with this case due to that extra width, but still, I don’t want that frustration repeated. It’s that that got me to look for a new case - a week ago two of my SSDs disappeared from windows and it was those durn power plugs again. One had actually broken from the pressure of the side panel against it, despite being fitted in the intended way.

Starting the operation of moving the one case of affairs to the other case of affairs this afternoon - so if I disappear for a while you know something went pear-shaped :smiley:

Okay, all done and very nice! Lovely and quiet with 6 fans at speed. Nice.

I did notice the power connector on one of my SSDs is broken - tbh I can’t understand how on earth it’s still working, but it has all my home admin stuff on it, so I’d best get another one and clone it pronto.

Don’t think I ever had such an orderly looking case interior…

can’t say the same for my office right now, though…

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