Could I have accidentally deleted key strokes in some of my modules?

I seem to be missing keystrokes for my f 16 module such as active pause. I have been tinkering with my keystrokes and worry I have somehow deleted several of them.

I can’t speak to the Viper specifically, but sometimes during the EA period, the developer will move key bindings from the module profile to a global one. Check UI Layer to see if it has been moved there.

First row shows Active Pause.

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Thanks chipwich found it! I’m going to have a look to see if any other keystrokes are buried in the UI layer


The UI layer is relatively new. When you add something there, e.g. L-Shft A for active pause - it will check all your modules for the same key strokes. If by chance your MiG-29 mod uses L Shft A for Autopilot Altitude Hold, it will give you a little warning (red ! Icon) in your MiG-29 keybind/button bind menu. Pretty nifty. :sunglasses: