Could not connect error

Hello, everyone!
I need your help! I’ve been using the GoToMyPC app for quite a while, but today I ran into an issue. I couldn’t establish a connection, and the error code I received was 12029, stating Could Not Connect. Any ideas on what might be causing this? If any of you have experienced this problem before, could you please share how you managed to resolve it?
Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi! There may be several reasons.
The first thing I would try is to clear the browser cache. Second: Reset your internet settings, to do this, type internet settings in the Windows search bar. Select the Advanced tab. Click Reset in the Reset Internet settings section. Third: Temporarily disable your antivirus software and firewall and try to launch GoToMy PC again. If you can establish a connection after that, the problem is that you need to reconfigure or update your security software. How to do this is detailed here