crashes kills and explosions !



Made another video of all the kills, explosions and crashes!


One of the things that I like about IL-2 and DCS World is the damage models. There is something very satisfying with bringing a battle damaged aircraft home on a wing and a prayer. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve talked a bit on the VRS FA-18 / TACPACK forum about their, “one hit and you are dead” damage model. They basically told me that I was not evading fire well enough.


I don’t feel comfortable bringing this to your attention, but the SwAF have similar complaints…


Hey, not all of my, less than successful sorties have been due to hostile fire! A couple were destructive compressor stalls in the landing pattern!

…yeah…that didn’t help my case did it…shucks. :grin:


I always, stall the pe-2!

here is another compilation!


I have version 8 out out now!



Nothing beats the satisfaction as Hangar200 points out. You fight and gather damage and make it home by a whisker. A week ago I deadsticked a Sabre in for a successful landing. I was over the moon the rest of the day.





Been flying alot the he-111 in winter.