Crashing to Desk Top

After going through all the suggestions and recommendations on the official MSFS Forums, with the last update and hot fix, there seems to be quite a few of us having CTDs at about 95% into the loading screen. When lucky enough and I am able to load into the General Screen to fly, my frame rate is an abysmal 2 to maybe 5 FPS. Totally unplayable. Graphics settings are set to mid range. My System Specs are well above the minimum and are as follows:

Ryzen 7 5800
RTX 2070 (good luck getting a hold of any 3000 series)
32g DDR 4 RAM clocked at 3200

Anybody else having the same issues?

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Clutching at straws here, but have you tried emptying the community folder?

The only thing I have in the community folder are Civil Air Patrol Liveries for the 172 and 182. Really think that would have any effect? Heck, I’ll try anything,once.

Probably not if that is all you have in there… worth a shot though I guess.

Is there any sort of .LOG file created on CTD?

Not that I’ve been able to find. This, is during the loading screen: That’s a LOT of RAM used just for a loading screen, don’t cha think?

Not necessarily.
The loading screen does not just load the loading screen but the whole GUI plus gods knows what else…

There is of course, the nuclear option. I had to do a complete re-install late last year and it fixed my problem of the sim not getting past the update check.

There’s a lot of help over here I’m NavyLion… I don’t know why, but that’s what MS Stuck me with.

Well, that (for now) has fixed the CTD issue. However, trying to fly at an abysmal 2-5 FPS, no bueno! I really wish Asobo would put some eyeballs onto that thread and say, something? So far there are many with issues, unresolved WRT CTD, crappy frame rate… ALL after the last patch/hot fix. Well, there’s always ol’ reliable XPlane 11.5. Not as pretty, but, works.