Crop dusting sim?

So this caught my eye the other day


I had picked up a couple of crop dusters for FSX right before I had transitioned over to MSFS. I never snagged CropDuster X which is the sister product to Fire X. I like having some mission structure in civilian flight sims (though MSFS is pretty enough to just site see), and crop dusting or firefighting is a unique type of flying. A couple of youtube video laters, I recommend this one , and I am highly surprised that crop dusting hasn’t been used for a simulation title.

I could envision a progression from a rickety old byplane with a marginal spray/drop system and no GPS up to a modern turbo prop with all the GPS bells and whistles. Start out with relatively simple field shapes, no high obstacles etc, and progress from there. I could see going either full fidelity, or something more akin to golden age sims, where it’s about the feeling versus the actual numbers. Something akin to feel of the old SNES Pilotwings.

Just surprised that no ones ever though to do something like that, as I can see it having a challenging but relaxing vibe to it. I’ll do a post on the EMB200 over in the MSFS add-ons thread. Short version it’s fun.


Nice looking plane. I like flying low and slow and it’s sort of like Farm Simulator, but in the air.

The juvenile in me originally thought something different when I saw the topic.


There is a crop-dusting plugin for X-Plane. Relaxing is right. It’s great with a little music. You get into a rhythm which borders on therapeutic. The therapy is good for about 15 minutes, then I get bored. But I still come back from time to time.

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There was Cropduster X for FSX, I had the sister product Fire X and it was fun.

I am actually putting together a design doc for my notional aerial agriculture game. Considering I just learned that C-64 software development is alive and well from @komemiute, it may actually get developed on something lol

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