Cross Country MC Trip

I’m out of here… after many delays I’m finally off on my “Brotherhood Ride”. Riding around country visiting a handful (was a dozen but cut it down to 5 because of virus) old army buddies, some I haven’t seen in 30 years or so. (Didn’t want to keep high jacking that other thread.)

Anything worth posting or sharing I’ll add here.

My first challenge is the “Iron Butt Challenge”… it’s 1000 miles under 24 hours, non-stop. (except gas of course.)

More to follow… OUT.


Good luck @Magnum50! Safe roads and fair weather!

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Ride safe out there!
< biker wave >

You already know this Mag, but one of the few things that I learned while on the road is that you should always make hotel reservations a few days in advance for Friday and Saturday nights. It might be different during the current normal, but hunting a room at 3AM on a bike in a snow storm is not fun :grin:. That and don’t forget your rain suit no matter what the forecast is.

With that beast and your experience, I imagine that your are well provisioned.

Beautiful bike BTW.

Do not drop back into old familiar habits, resist the urge to give out tickets to all the nimrods you encounter on the roads. You will not make it more than 200 miles. :upside_down_face:

Seriously, I hope you have a great time and an enjoyable ride. :sunglasses:


Safe travels! :motorcycle:

I am not a biker but I will definitely watch this thread.
Safe trip.

Happy trails big guy. Keep us posted. Lookin’ forward to riding vicariously with ya.

@Magnum50 is that an electraglide?

How’d the Iron Butt Challenge go?

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a success… 18 hours and 10 minutes over 1k miles…


So…is the butt…IRON??

After Virginia stopped by Antietam civil war battlefield, took a tour. now up in Northern Michigan meeting 2 friends here.


That’s a threesome that don’t look like they sleep in until noon…

Home Sweet Home… over 3k miles, almost every state East of the Mississippi visited. A number of old Army buds some I haven’t seen in 30+ years.

I was born and raised in Florida, except for military schools never really saw other states until retirement. I saw more countries then states during my military service.

All I will say is the UNITED STATES is big, bold, and beautiful. Get out and see it and you might just have a better appreciation for this great country.

BTW… Avoid the Blue Ridge Parkway right now… busier then a interstate. Guess everyone being locked down has decided to travel and sight see. I eventually left it and went to Kentucky and Tennessee… visiting Civil War battlegrounds, forts, and National Parks.


Too bad, because it’s oh so sweet on a bike in the off season. :+1:. You just have to watch out for the forest rangers imitating LEO. But you probably have a get out of jail free card I’m guessing :grin:

Oh I rode it in July of 2018… all green, no traffic, 1 car every 5 mins… this fall was a madhouse. lol.

Still rode some, just got off to go elsewhere after a while.

Never seen a park ranger 2 years ago or 2 days ago… lucky me.


Congratulations on the ride @Magnum50 a great achievement👏
With the miles you did i could of driven all the way up and back down the UK! Great job dude